What Are The Physical Symptoms of Depression?


Authored by Rodney Southern in Mental Health
Published on 04-06-2009

Most everyone is familiar with the emotional symptoms of depression but many people do not realize that physical symptoms of depression exist as well. There are many different ways in which depression affects our bodies and these changes can cause physical symptoms of depression. These symptoms can be mild or moderate, depending on the individual and the extent of the depression. What are these physical symptoms of depression? Lets take a look.

One of the first symptoms that people with depression express is a headache. Sometimes it is tension headaches, and sometimes you might even have migraine headaches. There is a high likelihood that if you have depression, you also experience headaches in some form.

Muscle aches and pains are another common physical symptom of depression. Depression can take existing problems such as back pain and knee pain, and make it even worse for the sufferer. Chronic pain of any kind is especially elevated in a depressed individual. This problem is right up there with headaches as a very common physical symptom of depression.

Anxiety and panic attacks are another physical symptom of depression. One can certainly feed the other, and they are often a package deal. Panic attacks can cause any number of physical symptoms in an individual, and it can be a bit overwhelming if you are suffering from depression as well.

Many people that are experiencing depression are constantly tired. This symptom of depression is quite common, and causes a number of other symptoms as a result. The exhaustion can cause the depression sufferer to lie in bed for extended periods, which can then lead to soreness, and aching joints among other things.

Weight loss and weight gain are physical symptoms of depression as well. Some people with depression will eat too much, and others will stop eating. Either option is a major problem for your overall health.

Another common physical symptom of depression is feeling as though you are spinning or dizzy. This vertigo like sensation is quite scary to the person with depression, and can lead them to believe that something else is wrong. This is also a common problem with people who suffer from anxiety and anxiety disorder.

The physical symptoms of depression stretch to many other areas of the spectrum, but these are the most common problems that are seen. Any physical symptoms such as these should be checked out by a doctor, as many of them are also common symptoms of other more dangerous disorders. Depression itself is highly treatable, and you should consult your physician to get help for the problem. Nobody has to live with depression without help.

This article about the physical symptoms of depression is meant to be general information and should not replace or represent medical advice. You should always consult your doctor before treating, diagnosing, or taking any advice from here or anywhere else. This is meant to give general information and should not be used as medical advice in any way.


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