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What are the potential risks when you try to unblock facebook

  • By Anna Ella
  • Published 01/17/2013

Do you ever know about the potential danger when you tried so hard to unblock Facebook ?You might never know anything about it or you know a few about it when you surf on the internet.Depending on who is restricting access to the Facebook platform and/or monitoring its use, and the perspective of the person whose access is being restricted all being accompanied with abundant of danger around them. So,nearly any of these goals and any of the methods used to achieve them may be seen as legitimate and necessary or as unacceptable censorship and a violation of fundamental human rights.Only the person who hopes to bypass Facebook restrictions can decide whether there are significant risks involved in accessing the information you want. There may be no law specifically banning the information you want or the act of accessing it. On the other hand, the lack of legal sanctions does not mean you are not risking other consequences, such as harassment, losing your job, or worse when you log onto Facebook at work.We should know about how it works, describe various forms of online censorship, and elaborate on a number of tools and techniques that might help you circumvent these barriers to free expression. The overarching issue of digital privacy and security is considered throughout the book, which begins by covering the basics, then addresses a few advanced topics before closing with a brief section intended for webmasters and computer specialists who want to help others bypass Internet censorship. This ranges from parents looking over their child’s shoulder or looking at what sites were visited on the child’s computer, to companies monitoring employees’ e-mail, to law enforcement agencies demanding information from ISPs or even seizing the computer in your home looking for evidence that you have engaged in “undesirable” activities. nopicture-6672535



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