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What are the pros and cons of fruit weight loss on the human body

  • By qingxiao qingxiao
  • Published 05/4/2012

 Now, diet has become a hot topic. Weight loss methods are variety, such as diet pills, diet, running, fitness equipment. In addition to the above and now a new way to lose weight – the fruit to lose weight. So is this method effective? and what pros and cons is On the human body? zi xiu tang 60 capsules Fruit diet Overview: Mainly to eat fruit every day, do not eat other staples. But not all of the fruit can be used to lose weight, effective weight loss fruit have apples, grapes and kiwi. Trim principle: Eat the fruit can be effect in a short time, because if you eat one kind of food will make us to reduce food intake. In particular, high-fiber fruits, and can accelerate our deep metabolism. Fruit diet tips zi xiu tang bee pollen If eating fruit only, lack of protein intake will be, so every day should drink milk to supplement. (2) can not eat a fruit, otherwise it will lead to nutritional inequality. (3) the heat absorbed can not be less than the 800-1000Kcal every day the pros and cons of Fruit to lose weight (1) Long-term eating fruit, will causes low blood pressure, the female friend appears irregular menstrual periods or do not come, there will be hair fork. (2) will cause malnutrition (3) Can accelerate the rate of weight loss, but also easier to rebound. The above describes the fruit weight loss methods, and obviously this weight loss method is very effective, the only noteworthy is the use of this will be caused by malnutrition, weight loss methods. If you want to achieve healthy weight loss, it is clear this approach is not desirable 59ab4a736e3e56615fff977fa409ff36-7879632

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