What Are Webkinz Codes?


Authored by Pamela in Toys and Games 
Published on 11-20-2008

Webkinz toy pets are some of the more popular toys sold in stores all over the United States. These toys are so cuddly that you will easily forget that they are not real. Produced by the Ganz toy store based in Toronto, Canada and launched back in 2005, these toys have taken the public by storm and have now become as popular as the Cabbage Patch kids toys.

Webkinz toys were originally designed for five to seven-year old kids. However, it has been noted that a good number of adults also buy them as collector’s items. Even more interesting is the fact that all toys come with special codes upon purchase. These codes are written or printed on the tags of each toy pet. These should be kept a secret, as they will be used by the owners to access the Webkinz World online site. Through this site, owners are able to adopt a virtual version of their own toy pets. In addition, they can do certain things for their online pets, like groom them or feed them. They can also customize and redesign their virtual pet’s room through this online access.

The codes were especially developed by the Ganz toy company to make their customers enjoy their toys more. The adoption of virtual pets can easily be done online with the help of a “Ms. Birdy” character that will guide users throughout the process. Moreover, toy owners will be the ones to select what name and gender they would like their virtual pets to have. An online adoption certificate will likewise be provided as soon as the process is culminated. This can be printed by the toy owner if he opts to. The special code that comes with each Webkinz toy also enables toy owners to shop for things that may be necessary for the survival of their virtual pets.

All Webkinz toys have special codes so if you happen to buy one with no code at all, you can return the toy and have it exchanged for another one. Usually, these codes are placed on the tags of the toy pets. If you cannot find any code in your tag, it might be found on the ankle of the toy. These special codes can no longer be replaced so make sure that you store it in a safe place so nobody else would be able to access the Webkinz World website using your code.


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