What are Zhu Zhu Pets?

If you have not yet seen the Zhu Zhu pet ad in print or on TV, you might not yet be hip to this year’s hottest toy. Said to be the Tickle Me Elmo of 2009, Zhu Zhu pets are the one toy that retailers hope will prop up sagging profit margins.

What are Zhu Zhu pets?

In simplest terms, Zhu Zhu pets are the marriage between artificial intelligence and lifelike hamster cuteness that come with oodles of accessories. To cover as much of the available consumer group as possible, these toys are considered age appropriate for children aged three to 10. The wide array of play options is greatly enhanced by Zhu Zhu pet specific houses, toys, feeding and grooming accoutrements, and other gadgetry.

Who Might Enjoy Owning Zhu Zhu Pets?

You may be surprised to learn that Zhu Zhu pets are going to hold appeal to children, who desire to own a hamster or rodent of their own, but whose parents may not think they are ready for this kind of responsibility. These Zhu Zhu pets make it possible for kids to take a bit of a pet practice run and see how they do. The artificial hamster offers a nurturing mode during which the toy makes cooing sounds and acts like a tame hamster might when handled. In the regular play mode the toy will move and scurry around.

If you own two or more Zhu Zhu pets, they interact with one another. This is a great plus for the child desirous of owning a menagerie of beasties, but might suffer from allergies that prevent pet ownership. Moreover, should a few relatives or friends of the family decide to give Zhu Zhu pets as gifts, there is no need to return them, since their joint antics just heighten the fun.

Who Is Likely To Dread Zhu Zhu Pets?

Parents who made it through their children’s Polly Pockets, GI Joe, and Lincoln Logs phases without twisting their ankles on the treacherous play pieces left sitting around, might dread this toy that promises to come with ample pieces. Already there are a car and associated garage, slide and ramp, adventure ball, carrier and blanket, playhouse, skateboard, tunnels and other bits and pieces. Moreover, since children are likely to be taken in by these cute little hamsters, the odds are good that this will be another costly toy that starts small but soon swallows up allowances and parental money when it comes to upgrades.

In the final analysis, you just have to love Zhu Zhu pets. They teach pet ownership, they provide entertainment, and they make it possible for allergy households and small apartments to nonetheless offer a furry play pal that can keep the youngsters happy. Of course, like so many other faddish toys that are heavily marketed before the holiday season, it stands to reason that in the middle of next year they are little more than yesterday’s news. Enjoy your summer while you can; the next toy craze is just a short year away.


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