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What Causes Neck Wrinkles, And How To Avoid Them

The neck is never something you think about until it’s too late. Younger looking skin on your face is always a priority, since you don’t want people to guess how old you are. But as the years pass by, your neck starts to be the bad guy, alerting everyone to your “secret.” Because it doesn’t usually receive the same amount of care as your facial skin, it’s easy for neck wrinkles to sneak up on you. Here are a few of the causes, and what you can do to prevent your neck from looking older than your face.


Unfortunately you can’t stop the march of time, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the hand you’re dealt! Prevent sagging skin due to loss of collagen and elastin by using your anti wrinkle face creams and anti aging skin care products on your neck every time you use them on your face. This doesn’t just go for anti aging skin creams either; your exfoliants, face masks and cleansers should all be used on your neck just as often as you would use them on your face.

Weight Changes

Many times when you lose weight, your skin’s collagen allows it to “bounce back” into shape so skin doesn’t hang loosely. However, if your weight is frequently fluctuating up and down 20 pounds, over time it becomes harder for skin to keep springing back. For firm skin on your neck, commit to making a lifestyle change. Choose healthy meal options that will fill and satiate you, and ensure your meals contain plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Not only do these foods contain detoxifying antioxidants, they also often contain quantities of water to keep skin hydrated.

Sun Damage

When you use an SPF moisturizer on your face, how often do you smooth it onto your neck as well? Unfortunately, the neck is often forgotten, and therefore it absorbs unfiltered UV rays, which can cause wrinkles and age spots. These can easily be avoided; simply smooth your daily anti aging moisturizer onto your throat after slicking it onto your face, and avoid excessive sun exposure without a heavier sunblock.

Poor Posture

If you slouch in your chair all day long or sleep with your head tilted toward your chest, you may experience horizontal lines across your neck from poor posture no matter how young or old you are. Make an effort to sit up straight, stand tall with your head up when walking, and try sleeping on your back. (Bonus: this also prevents facial wrinkles from sleeping on a creased pillow.)


Smoking dramatically increases chance of early wrinkles, including on the neck (though smoke isn’t picky, and will ravage your skin in any location). The only way to prevent damage from the chemicals and toxins in cigarettes or cigars is to quit.

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