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What do i wear in my daily life

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/15/2011
  • Article Writing

As we all know, Chinese people always say that  “lady wears Buddha, gentleman wears Guanyin”, here the “Buddha”and”Guanyin” are made of jade, this material fells very cool and smooth, it is said that it will do good to our health. I wear a little Buddha which is given by my mother as a present, I wear it all the day even when I am taking a bath. I like to wear some flash and pretty things on my hair and wrist, like a butterfly hair pin or a Hello Kitty’s watch, when I am shopping in peacetime, because they make me looked lovely and visible, every girl want to be a princess, me either. I dream to meet a prince one day on the street and we fall in love at first sight, so I must make me look like a princess, I believe the dream I dream will come true. But in my work, I change to be another role. I am carefully and hard working, I wear nothing on my hair or some simple-styled hair pin, a white or black colored watch, because that make me more serious, give an impression that I am competent to others. I think I am young in my age, so I can wear what I want to wear, do not care other’s saying, especially in some leisure occasions, as long as I feel good and soft, of course I will not wear something strange or unacceptable. On the other hand, in formal occasions, such as in working places, I will not wear the things that are very shining colored, I can not concentrate on my work if I wear them. Wearing jewel is a kind of knowledge, it is very important that we should know what to wear in occasions, jewel can make us looked more beautiful if we wear in a right way, otherwise it will make us looked ugly and odd.   The author is specialist on -replica pens and writes articles or blog posts on the theme for long time. nopicture-2027581


by Ronben Newbern



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