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What Does an Accounts Assistant Do

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 07/5/2012

Are you looking to make a career in accounting? If this area interests you, you may think of becoming an accounts assistant. Being an accounts assistant, you will have to handle quite a few responsibilities. Assisting with financial records, dealing with tax returns forms, and helping in preparing accounts are some of the common responsibilities. An accounts assistant may work in an accountancy firm or even be a member of an in-house finance team in one of the various companies belonging to different industries.

Most accounts assistants work for accountancy firms or other types of businesses and assist with accounts preparation, book keeping matters, maintenance of financial records, dealing with the tax return forms, and so on. An accounts assistant may have the responsibility of handling a huge variety of financial tasks. However, in the larger firms, the accounts assistant may also specialise in the particular areas of accounting, for example, credit control and payroll.

How much salary can an account assistant expect?

If you are looking for accounting jobs in Essex, you must know that an account assistant with very little or no experience will typically start their career with a salary of £12,000 – £14,000 per year. Though, as you gain further training and experience in your area of expertise, your salary will also increase and may even reach up to £20,000 annually.

What are the common responsibilities of an accounts assistant?

Accounts assistants generally have many responsibilities. But in a nutshell, accounts assistants have responsibilities of handling tasks that are related to the maintenance and preparation of various financial records as well as office administration and cash handling. The typical responsibilities are:

  • Balancing accounts
  • Processing sales invoices, payments and receipts
  • Maintaining all the financial records that record the business’ outgoing and incoming finances with accuracy
  • Completing the VAT return forms
  • Making sure that the accounts are monitored and recorded with accuracy
  • Dealing with the company’s payrolls by processing employee expense claim and wages
  • Preparing the loss and profits accounts sheets
  • Preparing the balance sheets
  • Reading and sending mails to the clients and also answering to phone calls
  • Meeting and greeting the clients when they visit the office
  • Maintaining minutes/ photocopying/ meetings/ filing as well as the other administrative duties
  • Processing the office posts
  • Client engagements such as sending starter packs to the clients and answering enquiries and so on
  • Processing the company’s own accounts if it is an accountancy firm

What qualifications are required?

There is no set qualification that you will need for accountancy roles in Suffolk. Employers often hire people with little or no experience and these individuals are given on-the-job training. The requirements will vary depending on the nature and size of the particular company. Most of the employers will generally expect the candidate to have a logical mind and quick thinking power. Those with General Certificate of Secondary Education at grades A to C, including English and maths, may be given a preference by some employees.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is a writer with years of experience in the recruitment and financial industries. Predominantly a freelance writer he enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. His articles inform you about accountancy roles in Suffolk.



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