What Exactly Are Teeth Made Up Of?

We all know that teeth are a very important aspect to our body and our well being, and when it comes to our teeth we need to make sure that we take very good care of them. But what exactly are teeth made up of? The answer is quite simple and anyone can tell you, not just your friendly dentist.

Teeth are made up of four active components, and these four components all work together in order to keep your teeth healthy, clean and white. Enamel is the first component; this is pretty much the outer shell of your tooth. This is the white part of the tooth that we all get to see. Enamel is a very fragile part of the tooth, mainly because it is so exposed. Enamel can easily be rubbed off by various food such as acid or lemon juice. Many dentists try to get their patients to stay away from acidic fruits and juices, because it does do a significant amount of damage on your enamel. Without your tooth enamel you could be more susceptible to cavities and other teeth problems.

From the enamel, you then have dentine. Dentine lies just underneath the enamel, and this is where some of the nerves within your tooth lie. When you have a cavity of some sort it usually means that you have a hole in your enamel and there is just a little bit of decay due to the fact that the dentine is now exposed through that hole in the enamel.

Then, you have the pupil of your tooth and the cementum of the tooth. The pupil is the very middle, the center of the tooth. This is where all of your blood vessels are within your tooth as well as all of your nerves. Because it is where all of the important stuff is for your teeth, it is no surprise that the pupil is where your brain receives various messages. The cementum covers the actual root of your tooth. If you ever run into trouble with your teeth and you find that you need to have a root canal, chances are it is because of your cementum.

Doing your best to keep all four of these components healthy is going to keep you from having to go to the dentist more often than you would actually like to. All of these components work together in order to function for you. If you run into any sort of trouble with any of these components, then you need to address them as soon as possible. If you do not, and you simply ignore the problem, then you are going to make things a lot wore, and a lot more painful.


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