What Exercises Will Help You Lose Weight in Your Neck?

Most everyone has looked at an old picture at some point in their lives and noticed a second or, God forbid, third chin. Sometimes it is a barometer people set for judging how far out of shape they are. A second chin? Slightly overweight. Three or more? Houston’s got problems. When using this as a measuring stick, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “If I could just knock off my second chin, I’d be exactly where I want to be.”

The unfortunate reality is that the chin reflects what is going on with the rest of the body. If there is a second chin, chances are very good other areas need help as well. So it’s a bit of a misnomer to ask what exercises you can do to lose weight in your neck. The answer, of course, is that every exercise you do contributes to this goal. By managing a healthy weight, you in turn fight the battle of the neck fat.

But isn’t there anything that can be done for isolation?

This article offers four great activities that certainly don’t hurt your chances of obliterating unsightly neck fat. But as you read, keep in mind that neck fat is just an indicator of an overall weight problem. The easiest way, and also the hardest, is to consume less than what you burn. Doing this will burn the neck fat and lead to an overall healthier you.

Standing Row

To perform the standing row, you should start with a bench press bar, fitted with a comfortable weight for your body size. Hold the bar in front you, arms shoulder length apart, and bring your arms up until they form a straight line, elbow-to-elbow. Drop. Repeat. Three sets of ten for toning. Five sets of five for mass.


For this workout, hold two dumbbells at your side, and simply shrug your shoulders as if someone is asking you a question you don’t know the answer to. Make sure your feet are close together while doing this workout, and remember to go with lower weights and higher reps for definition, higher weights and lower reps for mass.

Dumbbell Standing Row

Remember the rules of the standing row? Those apply here, except instead of using a bench press bar, you are going to use two dumbbells. Hold them at your sides, palms facing your body, and lift until your arms are once again parallel to the floor. As with the other two workouts, determine your reason for lifting and adjust the weight/repetitions relationship accordingly.

Neck Machine

Some gyms give you access to neck machines. If you have access to one, use it. From a seated position, you rest the side of your head against a pad that is attached to a small weight rack. Place a comfortable amount of weight for high repetition on the rack, and use your head to move the weight from its stationary position. Pad-to-shoulder equals one rep.


While these exercises are great for building or toning muscle, they don’t completely isolate the neck. But not to worry! Isolation isn’t exactly the best method for overall health. Your neck is a good warning tool in the fight toward wellness. Pay attention to it, and let it guide you toward a workout and diet plan that will enhance not just one body part, but your entire well-being.


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