What Herbs Increase Testosterone

Almost every time you turn on the TV, you will see at least one commercial for a medication advertising that using their drug will increase your sex drive. The actors in the commercials sure look happy, but do any of these drugs work? In order to increase your libido, these drugs must raise your testosterone levels. Several herbal supplements do actually work in increasing testosterone in men.

One very effective herb is horny goat weed. As indicated in Chinese medical writings, people have used this herb for over 2000 years because it successfully increases libido, reduces fatigue in men and women, and greatly improves the erectile functioning in men. Two other names for this herb are epimedium and yin yang huo. This leafy plant grows best in high altitudes. With sales estimated at over 100 tons per year by some tradesmen, horny goat weed is one of the most popular male sex enhancers on the market. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this herb, you should purchase supplements that have 500 milligrams per capsule of horny goat weed, and most manufacturers recommend a dosage of two to four capsules a day to increase your sex drive.

Another popular herb for increasing testosterone is Ginseng, several varieties of which exist. The most popular are from China and America. Ginseng has many uses; in addition to increasing mental awareness, reducing the symptoms of fatigue, improving mood, and decreasing anxiety, ginseng also increases testosterone levels and stimulates the sex organs. Ginseng is considered to adapt itself to stabilize any imbalances within the human body, so its use is widespread for many ailments. Some people report that Ginseng also reduces blood pressure and cholesterol problems. You can purchase Ginseng in several forms, as this herb is available in tea, liquid extract, root, and capsule form. The recommended dosage for the capsule form is 250 to 500 milligrams a day. This herb has many benefits, but can have some side effects, so if you have any serious medical problems, you should consult a Medical Doctor before taking this herb.

Tongkat Ali Extract is an herb that comes from the Eurycoma Longifolia tree root. This root is known to enhance stamina and energy levels, and Tongkat Ali Extract contains Glygopeptide compounds that enhance testostertone levels in the body. This herb purportedly stimulates certain cells, known as Leydig cells in the testicles, which increase the production of testosterone. Tongkat Ali Extract is one of the more expensive testosterone enhancing drugs on the market, and the dosage recommended is one gram per day. This is difficult to find in an average supplement shop. Most people have to purchase Tongkat Ali online to find the recommended amount of this herb.

One herb that medical studies in other countries have shown to increase testosterone is Mucuna Pruriens. This seed contains high quantities of l-dopa, which is converted into dopamine, which activates the pituitary gland to produce more testosterone. Another benefit of this herb is that it decreases prolactin, and many researchers think that too high a level of prolactin in the body results in erectile dysfunction in men. The suggested dose for Mucuna Pruriens is 75 milligrams a day.

Horny goat weed, ginseng, Tongkat Ali, and Mucuna Pruriens are all great herbs to improve your testosterone levels. Either taken alone, in a combination form, or a tincture all can help improve your libido.


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