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What Is A Thesis and How To Write One

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 03/9/2009
  • Writing
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A thesis is a statement composed of one to two sentences that intend to prove a point in an argument. A thesis statement can be thought of as a way to plan and frame the rest of the essay or research paper you are going to write. A thesis statement can be found in dissertations, research papers, and persuasive essays or term papers. It serves as a guide for the reader and provides the opinion of the writer. In fact, the best developed thesis statements express a single opinion instead of providing a summary about a subject. The thesis is of a written piece has a specific location which is usually at the beginning of the paper and most often at the end of the introduction. Once the introduction presents the subject matter and gives the reader a few essential pieces of information, the thesis that follows outlines an argument about the topic of which the entire essay will systematically and thoughtfully prove. Generally, thesis states what you plan to argue and how you plan to argue it.

The thesis is a theory and does not actually prove the point with concrete support. That part is accomplished in the body of the paper. Your thesis can serve to agree with a certain point about a subject or it can refute it. It is also common for the thesis to state two sides of an argument and not favor either side.

Again, the best thesis statements are developed early on and seek to prove one opinion. A well thought out and articulated thesis is a product of extensive research on a given topic and a strongly formulated opinion. There are two key elements of an effective thesis: consistency and clarity. You want your thesis to be clear so that the reader is aware of what they are about to learn. The last thing you want is a vague thesis so you must aim to have a focused and concise thesis. Consistency in a thesis is important because it will help organize the major points that will be supported in the body. The outline of the entire paper should correspond to the organization of the major points in the thesis in order to reach a consensus. In addition, a thesis is usually written in the third person but it can be written in first person language as long as it remains formal and strong. Avoid using sentences that begin with I believe or In my opinion, as the reader is well aware that the thesis is your opinion and your belief. A successful will not only contest a given side to an argument, but it will also allow the reader to propose an arguable point and disagree with you.

Because a thesis statement is specific and focused, it has to take a stand for what will be justified in the body of your work. It provides an opportunity for the reader to care about the subject matter and spark interest or awareness in your audience.



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