What Is Brazilian Hair Straightening?

When you are cursed (or blessed?) with wavy or curly hair, then you might try to do what all celebrities do. They get Brazilian Hair Straightening. It is a new treatment that is setting a new standard for straight hair.

In less than two hours, your curly hair will be transformed into straight hair, depending on the length of it. Better still, this treatment will keep it straight for about four months! No need anymore to see your hairdresser every week.

The intense treatment does not use strong chemicals which can ruin your hair. No, it is meant to soften and smoothen. It also does not close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it, by which it is breaking the bones of the hair shaft. This treatment does the opposite, because it is keratin based.

Keratin is a natural protein substance which comprises approximately 88% of your hair. The keratin penetrates the hair and repairs internal damage. It also coats the hair to prevent further damage.

Because the Brazilian Hair Straightening is keratin based, it will make the hair tough, elastic and insoluble. This comes near to the strong functional role keratin plays in nature. It is a major component of horns, hooves and wool. Keratin is also the main protective substance in our hair, skin and nails.

A Brazilian Hair Straightening is a natural treatment and not a permanent straightening. This means that once the product is gone from your hair, it will go back to its natural form and look curly or frizzy again.

The treatment is recommended for all types of hair: virgin, colored, highlighted, previously straightened, … and can be used over any kind of straightening. It works even better over colored and chemically treated hair!

Before you decide to have this treatment for your hair, you can check out the hair salons in your neighborhood. Find out which products they are using. The best hair straightening system on the market right now is ‘Chocolate’ – directly imported from Brazil. Most of the salons will use this system. Also make sure that the person performing the service has enough experience in the process.

Once the treatment is done, you should wear your hair down for the first four days. This will allow the product to settle in your hair. So do not wear a ponytail! Also it is better not to use hair clips or hair bands during those first four days. Instead use a silk scarf, if you feel a need to pull the hair out of your face. You are allowed to wash your hair, but do use a shampoo without sodium-chloride. Certainly do not use sprays, gels or mousses! To dry, you can use a blow dryer or a flatiron as needed.

To conclude, a Brazilian Hair Straightening is the perfect solution when you have unruly, frizzy or overly curly hair. The treatment will give you low maintenance and will make your hair hassle free, shiny and straight.


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