What is Calorie Shifting Diet?


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Weight Issues
Published on 02-13-2009

What is Calorie Shifting Diet exactly? This is a diet that is not like any others you have tried. As the name implies, you will be shifting your calories each day and throughout the week. It does seem that you can lose weight with this diet in a relatively short amount of time if you can stick to the plan. Fortunately, this diet does not call for unhealthy eating habits and unsafe supplements.

If you try the calorie shifting diet, please note that you will be drinking a lot of water. It is advised to drink as much as ten servings of water each day. This does not include any other beverages that you might drink throughout the day. In order for this diet to work, it is essential that you drink all this water.

You can eat as many as four meals in a day on this diet. In fact, you can eat more than that many meals if you want. Unfortunately, any snacks in between the meals are not allowed. Don’t worry you aren’t going to starve. The times that you do eat during the day will be complete meals. It is recommended that you skip the fast food restaurants while trying this diet.

At the start of each week you will need to determine how many calories you will be eating throughout the week. You are to eat a different amount of calories each day. You might eat 1000 calories one day and 1200 the next. This is unlike diets that require you to eat around the same amount of calories each day.

You will not eat equal meals throughout the day either. Each meal can have a different number of calories. You might be eating 300 calories for one meal, 400 at another 500 for your third meal (if you are only eating three times that day). It is this shift in calories each day and each meal that has given the diet its name.

The shift in calories is to be the key ingredient to weight loss. The belief is that the difference in calories will confuse your body (in a good way). Your metabolism will not be able to adjust to the shift in calories all the time. Your body will not keep raising and dropping your metabolism throughout the day and week. Therefore, your metabolism should stay at a higher rate.

The higher rate of the metabolism will allow your body to burn more calories. The calorie shift diet should also help to ensure that your metabolism keep burning fat and calories while you are snoozing the night away. This diet does not mention exercising but it is important to remember that exercise will also help to boost your metabolism.

If you find instructions on the diet that do not specify what you can and cannot eat, use common sense. Try to limit foods that are high in fat, cholesterol or sugar. Serve yourself fruits and vegetables along with other nutrient filled foods. Be successful at losing weight as well as becoming a great deal healthier.


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