What is Canvassing Marketing and How Do You Get it to be Successful for Your Business?

When we hear the term canvassing we may briefly get an image of Steve and Doug analyzing the club scene in A Night at the Roxbury, but in fact it canvassing or canvassing marketing is a method that companies will use to bring in new business. So, in fact they are courting their potential customers or clients, with hopes of closing a deal. In this manor the comparison to the two club goers is not too far from true. Lets hope with the following article you and your company will have greater success then they did at the club.

First in order to have a high success rate with canvassing you’ll want to have a manager to over see those who are doing your cold calls or marketing. The manager should possess the ability to demand the most from your employees, as well as be able to jump into the hot seat when needed. The more resourceful they are the more efficient the workers will be and your sales or clients will increase. The manager should also be able to recognize new hires with the ability get your product or service in to the homes or offices of others. You don’t want to have to spend time hiring new employees, because the old ones did not work out. They should also be able to set goals for the canvassing crew and help them to reach those goals.

When canvassing whether through calling or going door to door you’ll want to map out when is the best time to catch people at home. There is no point in doing cold calls on a Tuesday afternoon, as they majority of people are at work or school. The best hours are generally Monday thru Friday late afternoon and early evening. Weekends may not always be the best time to catch people at home, because that is generally family time, but if you choose to take a shot at it Saturday from 10:30am- 3:30pm may be the best time. It is advised to stay away from Sunday altogether; it is a day of rest for most.

Getting back to management, a good manager should also be able to put together an effective marketing system. A good structure should generate just over 10 leads on a weekly basis, as well as having no less than an 80% affirmation rate. They should also seek to get an estimated 70% of the leads to agree to sit and aim to close about 35% of the sales.

Incentives for the manager and the team can also help to spark a greater closure rate.
Paying the canvassers competitive wages will help them to feel appreciated and give them the team feeling that will generate more business for you.

All in all putting together a good canvassing team will not cost you a lot, especially if they are a good staff that can generate quality leads and aid in closing the deals.


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