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What is Flagging Tape?

Flagging tape is a non-adhesive tape used to make markings in various types of applications. The markings made by flagging tape are bright and highly visible. Flagging tape is made of weather-proof material and also of vinyl. You can find flagging tape made of biodegradable materials.

The bright color of flagging tape particularly attracts attention. This tape may be solid or printed with different patterns such as with stripes, checks or dots.    

Flagging tape has many names because of its various uses. It is also known as survey tape or flagging ribbon as more than working like a typical tape, it works like a ribbon. 

Let us know what the various uses of flagging tape are, take a look at the following:

·         One of the most important uses of flagging tape

is to be found in surveying. At locations like property boundaries to underground sites, it is significant to make markers that will remain intact for many months and years. Flagging tape is used then to serve the purpose.

·         Do you know that flagging tape is also used by foresters in order to mark trees according to timber harvest plan? A specific color of flagging tape is used by the forester as an indication to the workers that a harmful animal is residing nearby in the forest. As a result the workers would be alert.

·         Flagging tape is also used at nurseries in order to mark the young plants and trees. Many gardeners also use this tape found in an array of colors for marking their plants of interest.

·         This tape is also used for marking wire fences and electric fences for the purpose of safety.

·         A significant use of flagging tape is to be found in hospitals and nursing homes particularly during emergency situations. The different colors of flagging tape are made to use then in order to prioritize injured people for treatment in accordance to minor or major condition of the injury.

These are the various uses of flagging tape. It is helpful to keep a single roll of flagging tape at home. This tape is easily found in almost all nursery, medical and hardware supply stores.

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