What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can work wonders for people with injuries or illnesses that make it difficult to perform all their daily tasks. In addition, physical therapy can help people manage pain from injury or illnesses. Pediatric physical therapy is no different in that it helps children who need physical therapy to gain more mobility, have less pain, increase movement and/or to achieve any number of other goals.

Children who need physical therapy sometimes have conditions and injuries that can make it difficult for them to keep up with their peers. Although it is not always possible for every child to be able to play sports and run alongside their friends, physical therapy for children does help maximize what the child can do. Physical therapy can enhance a child’s ability to participate in many daily activities. Of course, results very depending upon a child’s condition and the severity of that condition.

If a child has been injured in an automobile accident or other tragic accident, physical therapy will be used to help the child retain use of the areas of their body that were injured whenever possible. If a child does not have a permanent injury, physical therapists will work to help them have as close to the same level of strength and movement as they did before their accident. Physical therapy can also be used to help control a child’s pain as they recover from their injuries.

Physical therapy for children is well rounded to include a wide range of people in the health and well being of the child. Therapists work closely with a child’s parents, family and physicians. They also can help parents and children learn what they need to do in order to maximize the child’s success with physical therapy. Physical therapists can even help educate a child’s teachers and caregivers about their injury or illness and how everyone can help them reach their full potential in physical therapy.

Children can receive physical therapy even as a baby. And of course, they can receive physical therapy anytime until they are an adult. Some children will have physical therapy throughout their childhood. Others will only need physical therapy for the short term.

Physical therapists help children in a variety of ways. If a baby or toddler has a condition that affects their ability to reach milestones on time, a physical therapist can help. They can work to ensure that any child who is physically able to walk, will do so in their own good time. A physical therapist can work with children who need to use walkers, crutches or other assistive devices, in order to ensure they can get around well in just about any environment. Physical therapy can help children who need more strength.

Physical therapy can work well for children with balance issues. Of course, a variety of neurological disorders and other movement difficulties can be addressed by a physical therapist. Gross motor skills can be further developed in children with difficulty by receiving assistance from a physical therapist.

A physical therapy program for a child is used to help that child reach their fullest potential despite any disabilities or injuries. Not everyone will be running a marathon, however a physical therapist will help every child to reach the highest level of their abilities. No one will be left sitting when they could be walking or even running.


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