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What is Search Engine Optimization?

  • By Web Admin
  • Published 04/25/2012

Whether your business is big or small, online presence is a must for you. Your clients will count on you only when they come to know about your company in detail. This is why having a website with informative content is important. But in order to reach your target audience, you will have to ensure that your website is visible on the Internet. For that your website needs high ranking on major search engines. How is that possible? This is where the importance of search engine optimization comes in.

What is SEO?

Many people don’t have any idea about search engine optimization. They wonder whether it is an art or a science. Well, search engine optimization can be considered to be a combination of both art and science. On one hand it is the science of analyzing keyword density, positioning keyword in the content, using meta tag properly and on the other hand it is art of getting high search engine ranking of your website for targeted keywords.

Search engine optimization companies offer two types of services; on-page services and off-page services. Let’s have a look at the services offered by an SEO company.

Our On Page SEO Services (One Time):

·         Preparing review report to list site problems

·         Keyword research for website

·         Fixing of canonical issue

·         Preparation of SEO documents

·         Suggestions for footer text message and footer text link

·         Creation of HTML & XML sitemap

·Creation of 404 error page

·         Submission of site into Google Webmaster Central

·         Addition of Google Analytics code on your site

·         Upload robots.txt

Our Off Page SEO Services (Monthly):

·         Research of back links of your competitors

·         directory submission

·         one way link exchange

·         reciprocal link exchange

·         article submission

·         blog submission

            ·         forum posting

While selecting an SEO company, make sure these services are included in their package. If you live in a place like Edmonton, finding a search engine optimization will not be a tough job for you. There are a lot of companies specializing in SEO Edmonton. In order to select the best company you should compare the services offered as well as the price of the packages. A good company will never have any hidden cost. Interview each service provider and see who is willing to devote enough time to increase the visibility of your website. Choose a company that guarantees result within a given time.

Author :

Richard Henric is an SEO expert. He has several blogs dedicated to topics like SEO Company Edmonton, SEO tools, SEO Edmonton and many more. For more information on related topics he suggests you to visit http://www.mediachild.ca/



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