What is the Acai Berry Diet?


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Weight Issues 
Published on 02-09-2009

Most people who want to lose weight look for the easiest ways to do so with the least amount of effort. One ingredient in capsules that many claim offers instant weight loss and health benefits is the Acai Berry. A lot of people are getting rich off of selling supplements that claim to contain this ingredient. The problem with these supplements is that the Food and Drug Administration does not test these types of products. This means that you have no guarantee that what you are buying is the real product that the labels claim. Everyone should take caution about purchasing supplements that claim to include Acai Berry.

Acai is grown in clusters in high trees in Brazilian Rainforests. We cannot get the original berry in the United States because the berries break down nutrient content too quickly. As a result, the only way to obtain this product is through supplements, powders, and drinks that are sold at Health Food Stores and certain Grocery Stores. In its original form, the Acai is supposed to have a chocolate and berry flavor. It is not recommended to actually eat this fruit from the tree. Instead, the Acai is cultivated, processed, and the actual Acai sold at stores is the extract that comes from the berry pulp. These berries look very similar to blueberries, but are smaller and darker. They are full of antioxidants, good fatty acids, and also contain amino acids. Consuming Acai is supposed to increase energy, decrease bad cholesterol levels, increase muscular health, and fight against diseases. Some people who have consumed products containing Acai note improved mental alertness and sexual functioning. Others have stated that Acai reduces arthritic pain, and decreases the symptoms of depression.

Some of the supplements that contain Acai Berry also include a diet to follow. Most of the weight-loss reportedly is a result of consuming fewer calories on the eating plan. However, many have claimed that taking certain types of Acai supplements result in weight-loss, even without following the diet. The key to weight-loss is taking in fewer calories, and burning more calories. If you follow a sensible diet, and work out at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, you should lose weight. If you are at a weight-loss plateau, you can always try one of the Acai Berry supplements.

The big note of caution about Acai Berry is that you might be subject to an Internet scam by purchasing supplements on-line. Many reviews have stated that they were charged money from sites, and never received the products. Others received the products, but did not achieve any results. The supplement market is rout with scam artists, so you have to be careful that you are purchasing the product from a reputable dealer. Purchasing the products from larger health food stores may be your best bet. Also, be sure to read the ingredient list carefully. For the juice, you should look to see what percent of juice concentrate the product contains. Some juices are mostly high-fructose corn syrup, which is not healthy.

According to many people, a diet that includes Acai Berries can increase your health. But you have to be cautious to purchase the products that come from well-known stores. Research is key to finding a supplement that is more likely to contain the actual Acai Berries.


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