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What Is The Good Ratio Between Design And Content On Online Business Opportunity Website

  • By Juhani Tontti
  • Published 12/8/2008
  • Writing for the Web

These are the questions, which most of the marketers of online business opportunities must go through again and again. In my case the answer was found from going back to my initial plan, to my online home business plan. 1. The Design Should Support The Content. Both have a communication job to do, to deliver your website promise to the visitor and to make him to do the desired action, i.e. to give his name and email address, for instance. So in this sense, the design is the tool with which your online business opportunity content can be communicated effectively. Very clearly your online income business website is a direct response tool, which has to make the influence right away, or the visitor is gone. The influence, or the call to action, is the key. Of course there is a chance that the visitor bookmarks your site and comes back later, but that is a small chance. 2. What Is The Nature Of Your Niche? For instance, if your online business opportunity website has only one job, to make the visitors to click your PPC ads, everything in the content, including the design, must support this job. It is very much direct response in that case. But if you are marketing online affiliate programs, including tools and guidance, like I do, the nature of the market is somewhat different. This target group seldom buys during the first sight, but they need repetition and multichannel influence. So I have to grab the visitor name and email address and put my autopilot into work to sell my online business ideas with repeated messages. This requires that my online business opportunity website is sticky rather than memorable. The optin form must be in a visible place with a nice give away gift. 3. Your Website Must Have Only One Clear Job To Do. Too often the online business opportunity owners try to cover too many jobs with their website contents or designs. They do not understand that the key is the clear, sharp promise, the benefit to the site visitor, which they have to tell. I can say that the narrower your message is, the better you will do. The copystyle and the style of the website design, they both depend on the business plan of your home based business opportunity. How visitors move on your site, which motivates them to act and where you have to call them into action? Which metaphors capture your message vividly, so that website visitors will get it? Do they respond best to a mood that is soothing, moving, inspirational or flamboyant? There is an answer to all these questions, when you go through your online business opportunity plan, the nature of your offer and the behaviour of the chosen target group.

As you understand, this is not a job, which can be done rapidly in the early phase of the career but you have to finetune it all the time and when you have marketed your online business long enough, you get the touch through many tests and changes you do with your website.



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