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What is Vibration White Finger?

  • By Luke Bishop
  • Published 05/31/2012

We all know that working with heavy machinery and powerful tools day-in, day-out doesn’t come without its risks, but even if no accidents take place this sort of continued work can have an adverse affect on your health.Vibration White Finger (or VWF) is one such condition that affects a lot of people who have worked with power tools for an extended period of time.

If you have used tools such as drills, road breakers, wackers and compressed air tools there is a chance it may have affected you. In order to make a claim regarding this condition, personal injury specialists such as Fentons would need to prove your employer should have known that symptoms were likely given the working patterns involved, and the length of time the employee was exposed to the vibrating tools.

If you have had a number of different jobs, all using the above mentioned tools, it may prove to be difficult to make a successful claim for compensation because of your vibration white finger. This is because it is difficult to determine which of your employers is to blame but at Fentons they will endeavour to ensure your claim is successful.

People who suffer from vibration white finger may find it difficult to work due to the symptoms and if this is the case Fentons Solicitors can make a claim for social security payments. The procedure surrounding this is quite complex so if you believe you are suffering the symptoms of vibration white finger contact Fentons for the best advice.

About the Author: Luke Bishop is writing about Vibration White Finger



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