What Kind of Job Can One Get with an MBA?


Authored by Carol Snider in Careers and Employment 
Published on 12-20-2008

People today take MBA programs to further enhance their careers. An MBA is a foot in the door technique as my friend would always say. It elevates you to managerial status instantly with limited effort compared to someone hasn’t got one. Suddenly a whole new world is accessible to you which weren’t there before.

A close relative of mine once took a 2 year MBA course after finishing his economic management course. He said MBA was one the hardest things he had to work for. However after he graduated, he instantly started his own drug and medical supply company venturing with an Indian supplier. Later on, he pioneered a distribution project for orthopedic supplies in a country in Asia. When he got tired of that, he became a senior assistant vice president for an insurance company. He even did some consultancy work on the side. What a career!

You can only imagine such a career. However, with an MBA, you can get a red carpet treatment. According to a survey done in 2001. the average MBA holder working for a career makes $72, 021 annually. The same survey was redone in 2005. The figure was raised to $78,040 annually. These figures are conservative.

With this figure, no wonder a lot of people are dying to get into an MBA program. If you have the head, the heart and the pocket for it, why not guarantee your career! Here are but few areas an MBA holder can create impact.

A Job in Marketing

Most MBA programs have equipped its graduates with experience in marketing developmental planning and marketing strategies. That is why most MBA graduates are hired in high managerial positions that concern marketing aspects like insurance companies, oil companies, and marketing analysis institutions.

A Job in Finance

Another area where there’s huge demand for MBAs is in finance. One of the methods used to train students in an MBA program is by use of corporate situational problem solving. They work in boxes, carefully diagramming and analyzing scenarios. Then they develop plans for these scenarios as well as have back up plans. One of the areas they consider is its financial aspect. Then they test and evaluate there plans.

A Job in Government

Because of the experience and the rigorous critical thinking and problem solving, a lot of government positions are available for MBAs. Such positions are open for action oriented individuals with the keen perception on how things can fit together for the better good of everybody. Positions like department head, person in charge for micro business programs and division head for economic projections.

A Job in a Non Profit Organization

An MBA degree is not all profit. It can also be a career of significance and yet still get rewarded financially and emotionally.

A Job as Business Owner

With the skills they have developed, knowledge they have learned and contacts they have made, people with an MBA degree can certainly start their own business venture. They now can apply what they have gained into their own personal business.


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