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What Makes Successful Sales Letters?

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 09/17/2010
  • Copywriting

If you are just starting to try your luck in internet marketing and you already have a product to sell, you probably know by now that the key to your success is through writing effective sales letters. All successful internet marketers can attest to that and they all are using a sales page, with their very own sales letter on it, and they are earning in thousands of dollars each month. Now don’t you want to be part of that league? Going up to that kind of level of success is never easy, at least for people who are always looking for that next great get rich quick scheme. But there is no such thing. Including with crafting sales letters. You just cannot write anything that comes up to your mind and pass it off as a sales letter. It does not work that way. Now let us begin our discussion on how you can write the best sales letters for your products. First and foremost, you must have a product to sell. But not just any product. It must be a good product, something that many people would want to purchase but that they just do not know how it can improve their lives. And that is where you should begin. You must first find or create the right product for the right market and after that, everything would be much easier for you.

Understand your product first. Learn about its amazing features that would really attract most people. You should a

lso focus on finding out its benefits and that is what you are actually going to sell, not the product itself. For example, if you are selling a car one way that you can market it is by telling people how quiet its engine can run. That great silence is a wonderful sale point on which you can build your sales and marketing efforts. And use numbers when you are writing a sales letter. People can easily get hook on the big numbers that they see in an ad or a sales page. Are you selling a marketing course? Why not write something like: “I Have Earned $10,000 In One Week By Using This Amazing Course!” When people see that figure, and especially it mentions an earnings, their minds are quickly piqued and they will pay more attention to what else you have to say to them. But it should not be just all adjectives and flowery words. You must also use good grammar with every sales letter copywriting that you do. It is perfectly fine to write as if you are talking to another person, but that is not an excuse why you should not use proper grammar in your sales letters. People will see you as an authority and respectable person if you know how to write well and not just knowing how to sell to people.

These are just some of the reminders to help you in writing your sales letters. While there is no great big secret on how to do it, the key is to actually try your hand in writing one. And from there you should be able to improve your writing skills as you go along.



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