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What Makes Web Copywriting Different?

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 03/10/2010
  • Copywriting

Traditional sales writing and web copywriting have one thing in common. Both are geared towards generating sales for a marketer or business owner. With this in mind, it is only right that great attention be given to copy production that is specific for internet use. A lot of people though still surprisingly take it for granted. The reason why some individuals skip sales writing for a virtual audience is that they aren’t aware that it is not entirely the same as its offline counterpart. Despite the common ground of intending to sell, the two types have several differences. The most pronounced is the need to incorporate SEO techniques into internet pieces. Website copywriting that takes SEO into consideration is an absolute must. If you want to sell online successfully, this is simply an aspect that you need to pay attention to. This is because virtual businesses operate differently from those that are primarily based in brick and mortar structures. Merchants who hawk their items following the modern way need to maintain websites or at least web pages. You need to get reader attention on these properties and this is where you need to apply certain techniques.

The traditional way of marketing used to involve using the phone, organizing demo sessions and networking with contacts. You can still use some of these principles but effective online copywriting can actually already take care of much of what these offline techniques cover. In other words, you have the potential to accomplish a lot with j

ust the use of appropriately constructed web copies. There are several ways to create SEO articles and sales texts. For the most part though, a copywriter would have to focus on such concepts as keyword research, placement and density. When creating an article, a writer needs to identify which sets of words readers use to locate what they need using search engines. These then need to be included in the appropriate frequency in the copies made. The task of incorporating keywords makes the task of web copywriting a bit of a challenge. Aside from the need to use persuasive language that can hook attention, maintain interest and sway beliefs, there is also a need to use appropriate keywords within texts without appearing obvious or awkward. Traditionalists believe that internet article marketing does not strictly belong to the realm of copy generation. Then again, every aspiring copywriter needs to be familiar with how the web works if he ever hopes to get employed. Site owners now require a blend between traditional and modern concepts. In reality, this is one field of specialization that isn’t easy for everyone to learn. This is true even for writers who excel in other forms of writing. It is not however impossible to learn. There are many basic and advanced courses that you can access to get you started on becoming a top copywriter.

Website copywriting is indeed a bit different from the traditional mode of copy production. The slightly new concepts and skills however are well worth discovering. Give it a shot so you can start earning profitably either as a copywriter or as a business owner.


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