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What Sandwich Recipes Can You Pull Off with a Sandwich Toaster?

  • By Emily Amelia Inglis
  • Published 03/2/2012

Students everywhere rely on one thing and only one thing, the sandwich toaster. It holds the power to transform some of the blandest ingredients into a lovely warm stomach filler. So lets look at some tasty sandwich recipes specially designed for the sandwich toaster.

Mozzarella and pesto toasty. Finely chop up some mozzarella and spread some pesto on two slices of bread, then pop in your mozzarella and whack it in the sandwich toaster. If you’re feeling adventurous why not add in some sundried tomatoes too? The result is a super tasty Italian toasted sarnie. Good luck not getting your faced covered in mozzarella though!

Croque Monsier. This is the French classic sandwich. What do you need? Not much more than a block of cheese and a packet of ham. Cut some nice thick slices of cheese and lay them on the bread, then add the ham. Stick the two pieces together and add another layer off cheese on top of the sandwich and now let that tasty morsel cook in the sandwich toaster. What you should be left with is a nice and crispy cheese and ham toasty, or what the French call the “Croque Monsier”.

Cheese, sage and onion toasty. Another of my favourite sandwich recipes, sage and onion is of course the basis of a common form of stuffing but both foods go extremely well with cheese. This is a toasted sandwich recipe that I prepare fairly often, both for its taste and its simplicity. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly together in a bowl with a little spoon. Sit the first slice of bread butter side down in the sandwich maker and spoon the mixture on top. Place the second side of bread on top, butter side up, and close the lid of the sandwich toaster. Hey presto job done!

About the Author: Emily Amelia Inglis is a fan of sandwich recipes.



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