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What should i do if i suffer a serious burn injury?

  • By Adam Smith
  • Published 10/20/2009
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Even the most minor of burn injuries can be extremely painful. Severe burns are very traumatic, and may result in disfigurement, excruciating pain, and, in the worst cases, death. Statistics from the United States Fire Administration demonstrate that in this country, on an average basis, there are about 3,700 deaths and 19,400 fire-related injuries annually. In the past decade, an annual average of about 1.6 million fires resulted in an estimated $10.9 billion direct dollar loss yearly. In 2007, alone, a fire department responded to a fire every 20 seconds in the United States. 1Burn accidents can happen at any place and time, often when someone least expects them. Although many burn victims sustain their injuries in the workplace, fire-related accidents frequently occur at home or during recreational activities. Common causes of burn injuries include: motor vehicle collisions; dangerous heating equipment, like kerosene space heaters; scalding hot water from faucets, electrocutions; explosions; and caustic chemicals.

Many burn accidents are pr

eventable. Often, fires are caused by human error or negligence, defectively designed or manufactured products, or improper installation/maintenance of electrical or mechanical devices. After securing all necessary medical care and treatment, you should consult with an experienced and knowledgeable New York personal injury attorney if you believe that you or someone you care about has been injured due to the fault of another party.  Too often, a burn injury results in months of expensive, but necessary, medical care, and lost time at work. A qualified attorney may recover compensation for medical care, lost income, and pain and suffering. Be aware that there are time limitations that govern the filing of lawsuits, and an attorney should be consulted promptly. Typically, attorneys representing injury victims work on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement means that attorneys’ fees are payable at the end of a case, once there is a monetary recovery. An injured party will not have to pay attorneys’ fees at the start or during the middle of a lawsuit. Browse through http://www.triallaw1.com for more information on Serious Burn Injury. nopicture-4200234

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by Adam Smith


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