What Should You Eat to Boost Your Immune System?

Written by Gary Eugene in Nutrition
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In this day and age, it is too easy to get various illnesses. Sometimes, no matter how many exercise routines you will yourself to do, and regardless of the many different vitamins and medicines you take, you still end up getting sick as often as you would rather experience. As with anything else, natural methods do have a way of becoming immensely successful when it comes to providing your body with the right protection it needs. There are a lot of foods that can help boost our immune system; all it takes is looking around us and knowing what they are. To top it off, eating is a very natural habit, so taking in those immune-boosting foods will surely pose no problem.

If you notice, Vitamin C is such a popular choice when it comes to fighting the dreaded cough and cold. Most of the Vitamin C nutrients can be found in citrus food groups. If you take in a tablet or capsule of Vitamin C each day, you will be advised to do so in 500 mg, but another easy way for you to boost your immune system is to eat fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and even tangerines. You can even have them as drinks during your meals.

Then, of course, vegetables have always been a powerhouse of bacteria and disease-fighting nutrients. But if you want to increase your chances further, it is better if you eat half-cooked or even raw vegetables. People say that cooking has a way of allowing important nutrients to dissipate. Even peeling off skin can potentially lose all those important nutrients. Vegetables, like cucumber, carrots, radish, and leafy ones like lettuce can be better appreciated when taken as they are. So, do not be afraid to try that new vegetable salad recipe you saw. There are plenty of nutrients to gain from eating vegetables, more so when you eat them fresh and raw.

Seeds and nuts are also known for their natural energy-giving nutrients. They have a way of producing energy that does not rely on fats or any calories. Seeds and nuts are also effective sources of Vitamin E, which also helps rejuvenate the skin and protects it from harsh external elements, like the sun’s rays and pollution. The fatty acids also contained in these foods are known to produce healthy blood cells as well as eliminate harmful toxins in the body.


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