What to Know When Buying A Lawn Mower

With the warmer weather right around the corner many of us will be looking to make our home look as nice on the outside as it does on the inside. Perhaps we will add a little touch up paint on the railing and shudders or some beautiful new flowers to spruce up your flowerbeds and of course seeding your lawn. So when all of the spring-cleaning is done you’ll need to maintain the tweaks during the summer time. Your lawn is the one project that will most likely keep you busy through the summer months, but what is the best lawn mower to use. Hopefully after today’s reading you’ll know which one will cut it.

The first factor that you’ll need to determine is how big is your property? If your property is 15,000 square feet or more than you’ll want to get a riding mower and not just because it is fun, it will actually help you to have an easier time with your chores. You will also need a place to store it, but odds are if you have 15,000 square feet of property or more you have the room for a small storage shed. If you have a small piece of property then you may want to look into an electric mower as they may be a bit cheaper and you will not have to worry about getting gas for it, which can get pricey. If you have a larger piece of property the electric cord can become an annoyance.

With a mower you’ll want to spend more when you purchase it, as a more expensive mower will last longer. You wont necessarily need to spend a fortune, but just spending a few extra bucks now may save you in the long run. Mowers that are put together better will coast you less in repair bills down the line. You can use the Internet to check out which mowers are considered the best. Honda, Lawn-Boy, John Deer and Toro have received the most accolades currently.

When it is time to purchase the mower you may be better off going to a hardware store to make your purchase. You will be able to see the selection in person, talk to somebody with knowledge of the machines, get a feel for the mower and when you are ready to bring it home you will be able to eliminate expensive shipping fees. Before leaving make sure to get a service contract for parts and labor especially if you go for the more expensive model, it will aid in you keeping the mower for a long time.

The time of year you purchase your mower may be a factor as well; most stores will hold sales when the season is over. If not at the end of season just shopping in the off-season may help you to find much lower prices.

Finding a mower does not have to be a difficult task, but may take a little bit of research.


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