What to Wear in Las Vegas


Authored by Angela Coleman in Nevada 
Published on 10-09-2009

What you wear in Las Vegas largely depends upon where you want to go, what activities you want to participate in and what time of year you plan to visit. There really is no “typical” dress code in Las Vegas. It runs the gamut from the casual to the fancy and glitzy. Nevertheless, you still should have some idea of what to pack, in order for your experience in Las Vegas to be comfortable and enjoyable.

You should generally go for the casual look. Las Vegas is primarily a laid-back kind of town. They want tourists to have fun, not stress out about their wardrobe.

Be sure to pack shorts and cool cotton shirts or blouses with mid-length sleeves to wear in Las Vegas in the summer. It can get extremely hot during that time of year. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees or more, so keeping cool is not only practical, but safer for your health.

Wear a cap with a visor or a wide-brimmed hat to shield your eyes from the blazing sun’s rays and to keep your head and face from getting sunburned. You should also wear a good quality sunscreen during hot months to protect your skin.

Bring a bathing suit or trunks to wear in Las Vegas. If you are staying in any of the vast number of hotels in the area, you will have access to a pool. Even if you are staying with relatives or friends instead of in a hotel, there are water parks you can go to. This is probably more appropriate during the warmer months, from May until mid or late October.

Prepare for the cooler season. Starting in mid or late October, day temperatures begin to cool down and evening temperatures can be fairly chilly. From November until early April, it can get downright cold. Long-sleeved shirts or blouses, sweaters, long pants and warm-up suits are appropriate during this time of year. At nights, you will probably need a light jacket or coat to fend off the cold.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Sandals may look cute, but they are not always sensible. Being in Las Vegas involves a lot of walking, whether you are walking through a large casino, going sightseeing or standing in a long line in a buffet. Your shoes should be sturdy and have good support so that your feet and legs won’t get tired.

Bring something dressy to wear in Las Vegas. If you plan to visit a nightclub or go see a show or eat at a five star restaurant, you will probably want to “dress to impress.” This will give you a chance to bring out the fancier gear. Ladies should bring along an alluring dress or glitzy outfit and heels or dressy sandals. A good idea for men is to wear nice dress pants, a dressy jacket with a nice shirt and black, casual-type dress shoes. Some places require you to wear a tie, so bring one along, just in case.


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