What Twitter can do for you

Twitter is a free social bookmarking and networking that allows you to communicate with other twitters through real time instant messaging that can be shown to all of your followers. Basically, those messages are called tweets. This service can be use through accessing the internet by computer, mobile enabled WAP phones and short text messaging (SMS).

Twitter nowadays, became more popular than ever. A lot of people have been addicted with this new concept of service even celebrities. You can make yourself popular like them. Maybe you have already an account with twitter but until now, you are still clueless on how this thing works or what things can it done for you.

Basically, sending of message throughout your followers is the main thing with twitter. It could help you in different ways.

  • Checking out new opportunities
  • Internet marketing
  • Making money online
  • Drive traffic to your blog or site

Checking Out New Opportunities

When you use Twitter, of course when someone follows you, either you follow them also, or you follow others. It is a big factor to have a bunch of followers but it is more important that you follow other twitters. Example: If your objective in joining twitter is about money making, it can help you acquire the latest information about online money making through other twitters that have the same objectives. In my experience, my original objective in joining Twitter is to promote my blog. But because of the tweets from the twitters I am following, I discover the ways on how to use twitter directly to make money.

Internet Marketing

Do you have products and services you want to offer to people? Then maybe twitter could help you. Through tweets, you can publish your products and services links and broadcast it through your followers. The higher the numbers of followers, the more you will get. Actually, Twitter is now the main place for advertisers. A lot of advertisers are looking for twitters who are willing to offer their tweets to post products and services offered by the advertiser involve.

Making Money Online

As I’ve said in Internet Marketing, advertisers are looking for twitters who have a bunch of followers and are willing to post ads to their tweets. You can offer your tweets to advertisers and dictate any amount per tweet if you got good amount of followers under your name. But, there are new sites that organize the same concept, helping those advertisers to communicate with twitters. Sites like Tweet Ad and Be A Magpie can help you to acquire advertisers to advertise on you. They will pay you by the number of clicks and views to the given link. In Tweet Ad, every ad has a corresponding amount per view ranging from $0.01-$0.08. In Be A Magpie, the ads are controlled by tweets-ads ratio, amount per view is not the same for all the ads, but generally it is more higher than Tweet Ad offer. You can also select ads that you will allow to be broadcast.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Site

This is the main reason why I joined twitter. From the first week of trying, I have been successful in generating traffic from twitter to my blog. Though it’s not very huge but the method is working. The success of this relies on the content of your tweet and the quality of your blog post. I’m not sure about the backlink effect of posting your links to tweets since it takes time to find out.

Things to Remember On Using Twitter

  • The more followers you earn the more chances of meeting your objective.
  • Use Twitter in a legal way, don’t try to spam ads in your tweets or else you will be banned forever.
  • Make fun with it, be open for new things and opportunities and not only making things for the sake of your interest.

How to Acquire Followers

I have done some research regarding with acquiring followers but some of them are too technical and brainy. According to me, these are the ways you may want to do to increase your followers:

  • Be active. There is a public timeline section in twitter which publishes all the twitters’ tweet in just one page. Post tweets very frequently to be visible on public timeline. The chances are people who spotted your tweet that has the goal to acquire also followers will follow you. Of course, they would want to follow a twitter that is active.
  • Post your tweets to your blog. If you already got a good number of visitors to your site or blog, try to entice them to join in Twitter and ask them to follow you. That is very simple.
  • Follow others. It’s a mutual agreement between the two twitters without any talks between you and him/her. Once you receive a follower, follow them and when you follow someone, he/she will follow you.

With the right usage of the service you will be able to have a good result. Don’t attempt to use illegal tweeter software for fast results if you are planning to make a long term use of the site. Good luck!


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