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What will 3DTV look like in the future?

  • By Barry Knightly
  • Published 03/2/2012

A lot of people are talking about how fantastic 3DTV is these days, but we thought it would be interesting to make a few (uneducated) guess about what it could look like in the future…

Well for a start there will be no glasses that much is pretty certain. Plenty of manufacturers are getting very close to this stage already, so that’s not really news, just the next logical step, but hey at least it’s a start.

It’s gonna smell. Yes that is what we are predicting. Again, people have already spoken/joked about the idea of smellovision, but we believe that one day not only are things gonna be jumping out of your screen, but that you are going to be able to smell those things too! We imagine that this technology will see a surge in cooking shows and probably a huge decline in shows about cows!

It’s going to have more than one screen. Now we’re fairly sure that no one else has come up with this idea. Imagine if instead of one 3D screen, you have four! One on each wall! All working in unison to build one image! What does this mean? Well technically (as far as our small brains can comprehend anyway), it means that you can project from multiple angles, creating a really integrated 3D experience. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A whole 3D scene playing out in your living room and it doesn’t matter where you are sitting, you have the same seamless experience!?

And our final prediction for the future of 3DTV is that you will be able to touch the content. “What?” we hear you cry, how is that possible? Well obviously it’s not at the moment, but we think it will be able to in the future. You will be able to fully interact with whatever you are watching, essentially turning it into some sort of object teleporting device that transcends the rules of time and space.

Okay this might seem a little farfetched now, but come back and read this article in fifty years and so how right we are, we dare you!

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a fan of 3DTV.



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