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What you wear on feet can reveal your personality

  • By machinechina machinechina
  • Published 02/17/2011
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It is true that what kind of shoes you choose to wear can greatly show your personality to others. Obviously, for different occasions and purposes, you will make yourself walk in shoes that are appropriate for that kind of occasion. Even though you are not on purpose, in fact, the footwear you wear has indeed told people about your personality.High heelsHigh heels are favored by most women. If this kind of shoes comes as your first choice for all kinds of situations, people can accordingly tell that you are a lady with the quality of elegance and femininity. A pair of stilettos worn out at night spreads the sex appeal and ultimate attraction. The height of the shoe added to women’s height makes them look more confident and charming in their walks.Casual footwear (boots or athletic-inspired shoes)

Shoes like these are worn by women with a specific image to convey, in other words, they are not worn by accident but

are chosen for effect. When worn in a work situation, it is usually in a creative or art field as this type of footwear would not be acceptable in a traditional workplace. Sneakers, although fairly commonplace in casual business settings today, still make a statement about the unconventional and ‘cool’ quotient of their wearer.FlatsAs well known, flats are one of the most comfortable footwear. They can be pumps, sandals, flip-flops, or brogues but they each give a completely different impression. Like brogues, pumps indicate a go-anywhere, practical nature but where brogues give a masculine edge, pumps are chosen footwear of the ingénue and give a girlish look to an outfit. If the pumps are ballet style then the feminine factor is even more evident. Flat sandals in any style convey a sense of casualness and leisure and show the toes, and are not usually worn to the office for this reason. Flip flops are strictly poolside or beach wear or between the salon and home when we’ve had a manicure.



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