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What's of Online Press Release?

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/13/2010
  • Writing

The Internet also known as the information superhighway has more and more become an invaluable source of information for people of various walks of life. It is open twenty-fours a day and is accessible almost anywhere. You can learn almost anything from the Internet. For anybody into press relations, the value of the Internet lies not only in providing information for eager-to-know individuals as well as people of whose product or service is being featured in the information, but in helping people facilitate the provision of information which is needed. Simply put, the Internet actually benefits the individuals that need the information, those talked about by the information, and those which provide the information. People, who need the information, learn from the information provided; the people being talked about, become famous from the information provided; and the people who generate the information, make it a business enterprise. Because of the presence of various online press release options, finding the right one can be tricky. There are those which offer free online press release while others ask a fee. Here are some of the characteristics to look for before actually enrolling in a particular service: 1) Coverage of press release distribution. A service which offers distribution in Google news is an advantage. Google news aggregates news from various sources. This ensures that your press release reaches many people within short span of time.

2) Distribution

to numerous search engines which allow your Web site to be ranked along with the top sites for that particular keyword. This therefore gives you more publicity for your product, service, or company. 3) Clickable links inside the body. The more clickable links, the more popular your Web site will be or the more people who will be able to read your press release. Link building increases the popularity of your Web site or press release by creating connection from another site, which directs traffic from that site to your press release. 4) Added service. This may be in the form of provision for a company profile and logo or product image. This will make your press release more visual and credible. Others also provide the means of posting a video press release which can generate more publicity than an article alone. 5) Other features. Find an online press release service that allows you to edit your article. This is important in instances where you find certain errors in a later date or should you want to cater to the feedback of your audience. Others also provide statistics on the number of people who have read your press release and other valuable information for you to assess your progress. Find services also that allow you to manage your account easily. To help you find the right online press release service, know what each has to offer. The more features listed, the better. It is also a good idea to read reviews on the press release service.

Find an online press release service which allows you to generate as much publicity as possible. This can serve as a make or break step.



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