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What’s on Their Desk Bob Herman: Founder and CEO of BuyOnlineNow.com


Bob Herman CEO and Founder of BuyOnlineNow.com

This week’s installment of the “What’s on Their Desk” series is our first opportunity to see what you would find on the desk of the CEO of a full-scale online office supply store.  Bob Herman is the CEO and Founder of BuyOnlineNow.com, one of the largest online only office supply stores in North America. BuyOnlineNow.com (and their Canadian site BuyOnlineNow.ca) deliver thousands of products to customers in the US and Canada and have been featured by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies for each of the last 5 years.  Pretty impressive results for a guy who started out in the spare bedroom of his house with only 6 orders in the company’s first month online.  I love his first picture of his desk, so lets take a look :


Custom BuyOnlineNow.com Red Swingline Stapler

1. Red Swingline Stapler: Not just any red stapler, mine has the BuyOnlineNow.com logo imprinted on it. We’ve sold tens of thousands of red Swingline staplers, but you can’t buy the logo version; we only give than as gifts or as a prize for visiting our booth at tradeshows. My red stapler is guarded on my desk by Milton Waddams, Bill Lumbergh and Peter Gibbons bobble heads.


2. Uniball Kuru Toga: I’ve been using mechanical pencils for years, and this is the best I’ve found. Due to the mechanism that rotates the lead automatically, the point/end of the lead remains consistently sharp and doesn’t break as frequently as other pencils.


3. Global Kneeling Chair: I’m in the midst of a bout with very painful back problems, and decided to try one of these chairs to see if it would help. Since I’ve been using the chair, I leave work feeling better than I arrived and I’ve even found myself going into work on the weekends, just to get a couple hours in my chair.

Bob has some great picks for cool and unique office supplies, the Kuru Toga is one of my favorites, although looking at that 4-monitor set up on his desk makes me pretty jealous since I “only” have two at my desk.  Once you have checked out the BuyOnlineNow.com site, do yourself a favor and check out Bob’s blog: Rants about the office supply industry which is full of some interesting insights from him.  Many thanks to Bob for participating and having some fun with this weeks look at the desk of an office supply industry expert.  If you want to keep up with the folks at BuyOnlineNow, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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