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What’s on Their Desk Brant Williams: Chief Marketing Officer at ReBinder


Brant Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at ReBinder. This doesn’t look like someone I’d try to steal any office supplies from.

Brant Williams is Chief Marketing Officer at ReBinder, the makers of zero-waste office products, which are 100%  recyclable, made in the USA, by a disabled workforce and cost the same as the toxic vinyl stuff.  Brant is a passionate believer that responsible products can only reach scale when they make a CFO’s spreadsheet look better, not worse. Before ReBinder, Brant was Managing Partner of Atlas Accelerator where he led the go-to-market efforts of over 25 startup companies.  Prior to Atlas, Brant was CEO of Tenacious Offense, Director of Business Development at Amazon.com and on the corporate sales teams at RealNetworks and Best Buy.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we gave Brant a limit of only selecting one product from the ReBinder product line.


Brant’s Favorite from the ReBinder Line, the Original Recycled Binder

1. Original Recycled Binder – I love it because it’s the only true zero-waste binder in the market.  Not only is it made here in the USA from responsible materials, every part of the binder can easily be reused and/or recycled. While everyone is making an effort to eliminate paper in their offices and lives, binders are still used every day by almost everyone. Each year over 500 metric tons of toxic PVC ends up in landfills as a direct result of vinyl binders. I love the ReBinder for eliminating the need for that to happen.


The PaperPro Staplers are awesome…said the guy who staples cardboard with them on a regular basis.

2. PaperPro Stapler – The second product is the best stapler I’ve seen.  It’s the Paper Pro One Finger Stapler. I find myself using it every time…even for things other than paper (although they may not want me promoting that). It even works like a charm through our super thick (20 point chipboard) RePocket two pocket folder when you want papers attached to the folder. The stapler is  so well designed, you only need a single finder to get through 20 sheets of paper. It’s awesome.

Thanks to Brant for another solid set of picks from an office supply industry expert.  We are on the same page as he is in the assessment that the PaperPro is the best stapler out there as we said in our recent review of the PaperPro line.  Don’t forget to check out ReBinder on FaceBook and on Twitter @ReBinder.  Also, thanks to Brant for having fun with this.  As you can see from the other two profile photos he sent below, he is certainly not anywhere near as scary as that first picture might make him look.

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