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What’s on Their Desk Chris Farley: Director of Marketing at Zebra Pen


Chris Farley Director of Marketing Zebra Pen

This week we continue our “What’s on Their Desk” series with Chris Farley, Director of Marketing at Zebra Pen Corp.  Thanks to Chris for taking the time to participate and share his favorite items with us, now let’s get to know a little about him:

Chris Farley is the director of marketing of Edison, NJ-based Zebra Pen Corp., leaders in the writing instrument industry for more than 110 years.  In this role, Mr. Farley is responsible for the oversight and management of all marketing activities for Zebra Pen US, including product development, branding, packaging and promotions.

A member of the Zebra Pen family for 12 years, Mr. Farley is passionate about offering consumers quality and innovative writing products that allow its users to make a statement in writing.  Prior to his current role, he served as Zebra Pen’s promotions coordinator and operations manager.

He is a member of the advisory board for the School Office Products Network (SOPN) and on the Board of Directors for the Kid’s in Need Foundation (KINF).

He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in marketing, from Albright College, Reading, PA.  He resides in West Long Branch, NJ, with his wife and two sons and enjoys spending time with his family exploring the many great activities New Jersey has to offer.


Chris Farley’s Favorite Office Supplies

Now let’s see what office supplies this industry expert relies on to get his day to day work done:

1. My first must-have office supply is my Texas Instruments Profit Manager calculator.  I am always crunching numbers so when in doubt, I always trust my TI!!!

2. USB Flash Drive – I always have this with me.  With all the documents, emails, attachments I receive it is always difficult to rank them in importance.  For me, the significant files always find their way onto my flash drive and it never leaves my side.

3. And of course my favorite “must-have” is the Zebra Sarasa Gel Retractable Pen. With the numerous color options and various point sizes, there is always a choice that fits my needs. Whether I’m note-taking, highlighting or prioritizing, the Sarasa Gel keeps me easily organized.

These are some great choices by Chris, especially the Zebra Sarasa’s, which I’ve used plenty of myself and I agree that they are a fantastic pen to write with.  Don’t forget that you can keep up with Zebra Pen on Twitter @ZebraPen and on the Zebra Pen Facebook Page.  Thanks again to Chris for sharing his favorite office supplies with us, and thanks to Zebra for all of the great products that they offer!

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