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What’s on Their Desk Lily Kim: CoFounder of JetPens


Lily Kim, Co-Founder of JetPens Shows Off Her Favorite Office Supplies. Her Rhodia New Web Notebook (left) and Her Blue Kokuyo NeoCritz Pencil Case (right)

Today in our weekly installment of the “What’s on Their Desk” series, we are fortunate to have Lily Kim from JetPens.com share her favorite office supplies with us.jetpens_logo-8197942 Lily, a graduate of Stanford University in California is one of the three co-founders of the incredibly popular JetPens.com.  Lily is someone who has access to some of the most unique, desirable, and innovative Japanese office supplies out there, so when she says something is one of her favorites, you know that she has tried more than enough products to know what is truly unique.  I am sure that most of us can totally relate to Lily when she says “I love all of the products at JetPens.  It’s almost like having a chocolate addiction and working in a chocolate factory, there’s always more to love!”

Now that you know a little about Lily, lets take a look at the cool office supplies that she relies on to get the job done at her desk.

1. Rhodia New Web Notebook I love my Rhodia New Web Notebook for journaling and taking notes from my Bible.  We have so much to be thankful for (including how JetPens has grown), it’s meaningful to me to document and remember it. (See the photo above)

2. Kokuyo NeoCritz Pencil Case – My husband and I currently live in Japan and we are always on the go.  We move quite frequently and I love how I can just keep all my essential writing instruments in it and then zip it up when we pack up to go.  Very useful. (See the photo above)


Lily’s Highly Precise Wireless Laser Mouse by Buffalo

3. Buffalo Wireless Laser Mouse – Since I’m on the computer a lot, I need a highly sensitive, soft click mouse.  I can’t live without my Buffalo Mouse. This is my second one, and I’ve only been able to find it in Japan.


The Uni Pin, a Rare Pen that JetPens Actually Doesn’t Carry.

4. Uni Pin Felt Tip Pen I picked up the felt tipped pens from a comic event in Shibuya.  They’re very nice and I use them to write my postcards, but they’re not very well-known so we probably won’t get them in at JetPens.

Thanks so much to Lily (and everyone else at JetPens) for participating and providing such a fantastic selection of great office supplies, as well as great prices and customer service!  Don’t forget that you can keep up with JetPens on FaceBook, and @JetPens on Twitter.

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