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What’s on Their Desk Sayeh Pezeshki: CEO and Founder of Sorting with Style


Sayeh Pezeshki

It’s Tuesday, so that means it is time for the “What’s on Their Desk” series with a new office supply industry expert.  Today we have Sayeh Pezeshki with us, who is the Founder and CEO of Sorting with Style.  As with all of our industry experts, we will take a look at her background, and then get right into hearing about and seeing her three favorite office supplies.

Sayeh Pezeshki has never met an office she didn’t like, but she’s seen plenty that are in need of a stylish update! Her office styling advice ranges from a quick revamp to the desktop to full office makeovers, including styling offices and creating chic workspaces. Sayeh’s chic office supplies, desktop accessories and styling advice have appeared in top media outlets including Daily Candy, Lucky Magazine, Lalawag, Design Milk, Apartment Therapy and more than 200 blogs around the globe!

Now let’s take a look at Sayeh’s impeccably styled desk below and see what products she relies on regularly.


Sayeh Pezeshki’s Perfectly Decorated and Accessorized Desk

1. Stapler Free Stapler Yep you read that right, and it’s one of the things on my desk that I always need by my side. It keeps everything I need well put together without wasting staples every day. And of course, it’s good-looking too simple-smile-5662232


Sayeh Pezeshki’s Staple Free Stapler Under the Glass and the Keyboard

2. My iPhone 4 – Does this count as an office supply? Either way there is no way I could work without it! Or live without it for that matter…


Sayeh Pezeshki Enjoying One of Her Many Notebook’s

3. A good notebook – Even though I am a bit of a tech geek, I can’t live without a good notebook. I can’t give you just one I use because I’m always filling them up and getting new ones. I usually buy one while I’m traveling or just when I see “the one.” It’s serious business picking out a notebook that holds all my ideas, plans and entire work life together.

There you have it, a quick look into the office supplies that Sayeh relies on in her world that is dominated by all kinds of office supplies.  I can completely relate to the inability to nail down just one favorite notebook because sometimes it is just more fun to keep trying all of the different options out there.

If you are looking for some great design inspiration for your office, check out Sayeh’s website, The Office Stylist, and see if there are any stylish office supplies that catch your eye over at her other site, Sorting with Style.  You can also follow Sayeh on Twitter @officestylist.  Many thanks to Sayeh for participating in the “What’s on Their Desk” series.  Just a quick side note too, we will probably be pausing this weekly series until after the New Year, so be sure to check back then.

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