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What’s on Their Desk Tom Oddo: Goldspot

goldspot-5541677Today we continue our “What’s on Their Desk” Series with Tom Oddo from Goldspot.com.  Tom and Goldspot have earned a place as a very trusted vendor and source of fountain pen information here at , and Tom has been an invaluable point of contact that has made that happen.  Today we will take a look at what office supplies he relies on in his daily work to keep Goldspot.com

First, for those of you who are not familiar with Goldspot, here is a quick summary of their business in their own words:

“Goldspot was launched in 1999 as an online retailer of fine writing instruments and office products. Although the market for that segment was already glutted, the founders of Goldspot used their extensive e-commerce and creative online marketing expertise to gain a footing in the online retail business. By leveraging its network marketing, Goldspot has been the first to introduce many new and unconventional fine writing and gift items that were not widely available. We continue to be creative and attentive towards our customers’ needs.”

With that brief background, lets take a look at their favorite office supplies:


A look at the office supplies that help the folks at Goldspot.com providing top notch customer service

One of our new introductions this year is the exclusive Monteverde Invincia Formula Red, which is not only an unique, sports car inspired design, but also resides on my desk as a daily writer. The Formula Red has a nice heft and is in-style with its all-black trim and nib. You usually can’t find a pen that uses carbon fiber for under a $100, but Monteverde is well-known for making pens that are exceptional and matching our customer’s budgets.

We see a lot of pens, day-in and day-out. Sometimes we need to look closer, examining pens that have problems, inspecting pen details for our clients and viewing engraved pens. We have an illuminated jewelers loupe, which isn’t common to find in most offices, that gets used several times on any given workday. You can get one for about $3-$5 on amazon or eBay and they are extremely invaluable for a pen collector.

Many people may consider pricey paper an unnecessary luxury in the office, but when you try Rhodia you never go back, especially if fountain pens are in your daily arsenal of work tools. When you’ve tried all of the cheap notebooks, post-its and organizers, you know what quality feels like when your nib glides across Rhodia 80g paper. I personally keep a Rhodia staplebound notebook on my desk at all times to jot notes to remember about phone calls, corporate order quotes and special requests from clients. A trusty pocket notebook is indispensable, so may as well choose the best.

To keep up with Goldspot and all of their great products and sales, you can check out the Goldspot Blog , become a fan of Goldspot on FaceBook, and follow them on Twitter @GoldspotPens

Don’t forget to check back as the series continues every Tuesday.  Some of the upcoming interviews in the series include a look at whats on the desk of some popular CEOs in the office supply industry and one of your favorite bloggers, so don’t miss out!

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