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Whats on Your Desk Julie Strietelmeier

Julie’s Desk – The Gadgeteer

This post is the first of a recurring series that we are bringing back to the blog.  Not too long ago I wrote about all of the essential items at my desk at work as well as doing a series of posts about what other well known office supply industry experts had on their desks.  We had a lot of good feedback so we thought we would gather up some more fun desks to look at.  If you would like to have your desk featured, just contact us and tell us a little bit more about yourself and your desk. If  you are like me and you have ever hit up Google to search for some shiny new piece of technology or a cool new gadget, chances are you probably came across Julie Strietelmeier’s website, The Gadgeteer.  I’ve been there countless times to check out all kinds of goodies I was considering purchasing, and Julie even crosses into many of the different stationery and office supplies we write about here.  After seeing Julie mention her awesome steel bulletinboard over on Google+ I thought she would be a great person to kick this series off with again.  So thats enough from me, let’s turn it over to Julie: julie2014-230x300-7583734

Julie Strietelmeier – The Gadgeteer

My name is Julie Strietelmeier. You might also know me as The Gadgeteer. I have been playing with and writing about gadgets for the past 16 years.

This is my office where I do most of my gadgeteer writing and photo editing on a U shaped desk that I designed myself, with a custom 10 foot long painted steel bulletin board mounted on the wall above it. The desk is not usually this neat and tidy, I cleaned it up just for this article. On the desk you’ll find the tools and toys of my trade:


Julie Strietelmeier’s Desk

  1. 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina display – I bought this at the end of last year to replace my 3 year old 13″ Macbook Air. So far I’ve not retired the Air. I keep it plugged in next to me on the couch and keep the MBP in my office. I love the long battery life and gorgeous display on the MBP.
  2. Logitech Bluetooth mouse – I don’t like wireless mice that require a USB dongle. I like this one because it’s small, lasts forever on a set of batteries and uses Bluetooth.
  3.  Coalesse power strip – The power strip part of this product is behind the laptop and can’t be seen. But the top part which doubles as a pen/pencil cup is to the right of the laptop. I store my growing stylus collection there.
  4.  Robot, peace sign and knick knack collection.
  5. Nexus 7 2013 Android tablet with an Adonit Jot Script stylus and LYNKtec TruGlide Apex Fine Point Stylus. The Nexus is in a soft pouch that I bought from Etsy.
  6. Magic Fluke Flea ukulele – I love this relatively inexpensive uke because it has a flat bottom allowing it to stand up on the desk. I find having it right next to me all the time causes me to pick it up and play it more often. It makes a great travel instrument because the back is made of plastic.
  7. Loog 3 string guitar hiding in the upper left corner – This is a fun kit that will let you quickly build your own guitar.
  8. Epson Artisan 800 All in One Printer – I don’t print all that often, but I like having an all in one printer that can print, scan and even fax – do people actually fax these days?
  9.  Timbuk2 custom laptop messenger bag – Of all the bags I review, I always come back to a Timbuk2.
  10.  Magnet building toy – My sister gave me this for Christmas one year. Great fiddling toy.
  11.  Steel bulletin board also has a bunch of magnets on it including several Strong Like Bull magnets, which are awesome.
  12. NFC Ring – This is a Kickstarter project that I backed that will let me launch apps just by touching the ring to the back of my phone.
  13. Moleskine Evernote book – Another attempt to keep a daily journal. I have trouble keeping up with the daily writing habit even when I keep the journal right next to me.
  14. Word. notebook – I use this to jot down notes, to-dos and ideas. I’m seriously considering switching over to these small sized notebooks for my journalling.
  15. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 charging on a Nokia DT-910 charging dock – I’m looking forward to getting a new phone soon. It will probably be the Samsung Galaxy S5. But until I do, the Note 2 is a great phone. It has a huge screen and long battery life. I did a little surgery on it to allow me to charge it wirelessly.
  16. Tervis Tumbler cup – I love these double walled cups that never sweat.

Big thanks to Julie for taking the time out of her busy blogging schedule to share all of these great items with us.  Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you think you have a desk worthy of showing off and sharing with our readers.

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