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Whats on Your Desk Mike Dudek

Mike Dudek, of ClickyPost.com stepped up for the next installment in our Whats on Your Desk series.  In this series we take a look at the desk of some well known folks to see what types of fun, unique, and cool office supplies they like to have on hand when doing their work.

Our complete Whats on Their Desk series can be found here.

Since Mike is only our second participant in our second version of this series, the following link wont show much today, but going forward you will be able to find all of this second series here.

Besides the great blog that Mike runs, he also makes some really sweet looking and multi-functional wood pen stands for your desk.  For some reason I have yet to buy and review one of them, but I need to get on that because I’m always impressed by the Instagram photos Mike posts of the production process and final products.


1.   Vintage Metal Document Organizer (found at thrift store) likely from the 50’s stocked with 2.   Doane Paper Idea Journals 3.   Doane Paper Full Sized Pads 4.   Digital Shipping Scale (for my products) 5.   Doane Paper Large Flap Jotters 6.   A paper slicer of some sort 7.   Wenge wood pen holder I made a long time ago; one of my first 8.    TIKI of Prosperity my wife and I got on a trip to Maui.  Bought from a local craftsman that does carving with his    mother and father as a family business 9.     A watercolor painting by my late Uncle John.  Super talented guy. 10.  A folk art “robot” made about 50 years ago by my Grandpa Dudek.  Made from bottle caps, wood, washers, and a neat copper bowl he can use to hold stuff 13.  My first laser etched sample of my logo on a finished piece of walnut 14.  Bulb syringe… for fountain pens 15.  TWSBI Ink Bottle with Iroshizuku Kon-Peki 16.  Pelikan Edelstein Topaz 17.  Some pen boxes of a recent acquisition 18.   A General Motors walnut box that used to be my dad’s who passes away about two years ago.  I keep some of his old knick-knacks in there 19.  Lego Back to the Future DeLorean.  Yup.

Mike Dudek Desk – Main Desk

20. Filled with Sharpies and scissors, a ceramic cup made by one of my professors in college.  At one point I was going to be a potter… 21.  Cheap “office” pen holder (not even sure why I have this still?) that holds loose/random gels, ballpoints; your general office supply type stuff. 22.  Tactile Turn Z Pen in magnetic stand 23.  The Block filled with some of my currently inked fountain pens and others I have in rotation at the moment 25.  The Cube holding some of my favorite Karas Kustoms pens Thanks a ton to Mike for taking the time to share his desk set up with us.  Its always great fun to see what other bloggers and office supply industry folks are doing with their desks.  Don’t forget to check out Mike’s awesome pen stands and grab one…eventually I will too! If you want to have your desk features here, or if you have a suggestion for the desk of someone else you would like to see featured, just send us an email, or leave a comment here.

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