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What's the most important to your purse?

  • By Jessica Marshall
  • Published 01/17/2011
  • Article Writing

Thousands of purses are on sale in our market nowadays. They have different designs, different brands, different sizes and so forth. A purse has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thererfore, it is difficult for us to choose the right one.     Some people go for the famous brands, such as LV, GUCCI, PRADA and so on. For them, the brand is more important than the others. Without doubt, those purses have high quality, good reputation, and excellent service. What’s more, they believe that famous brands can improve their position and taste to some degree. At the same time, someone think the price is the decider, because they have no enough money to afford the expensive purse. All in all, different people pay attention to different aspects of a purse. As far as I’m concerned, the practicality is the crucial aspect.   What’s the practicality? It contains three aspects in my mind, the normal design, the reasonable price and the equitable quality. The normal design means the simple and plain look. I don’t expect how magnificent and dazzling the look is. A purse for me is a thing that makes me convenient to put into or out money and cards. So I hope that I can put everything what I need into the purse. As a postgraduate, I can’t afford an expensive purse or to change my purse too often. Therfore, the price and the quality are very important, as well. An old saying goes, the higher is the price, the better is the quality of the merchandise. Generally speaking, the price of my purse is between 50 and 100 yuan, and I change my purse once a year. This kind of purses is very practical for me.   Since there are so many purses on the market, every purse has its own appreciator. The main task for a consumer is choose the most appropriate one for himself. And I am concerned about the practicality of a purse.



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