When Do You Need Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure in which the size of the breast is reduced by removing, fat, skin, and glandular tissue. Breast reduction surgery also lifts sagging breasts. Breast reduction surgery is usually performed on women but is also performed on men with gynecomastia, which is the over development of the mammary glands in men. 113,000 women had breast reduction surgery in 2005 and the number of women getting surgery rises every year.

There are a few different kinds of breast reduction surgery procedures. The most common is called the NAC procedure. This breast reduction procedure keeps blood supply to the nipple intact during surgery and is the most likely to leave both nipple sensitivity and lactating capabilities enacted. The NAC procedure also has minimal scarring using either the Inferior pedicle technique, which uses a “T” shaped incision and the bottom of the woman’s breast or a Vertical scar method which uses a vertical incision from the bottom of the breast to the nipple.

There is also the Liposuction-only technique. This breast reduction technique is used for women who need less tissue removed. The Free nipple graft technique is used on women with very large breast. In this breast reduction technique, the nipples are removed completely and then put back on after the reduction as a skin graft. All nipple sensation and lactation capabilities are lost with this breast reduction technique.

There are many different reasons to get breast reduction surgery:

  1. Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Women who have large breasts are typically carrying an extra ten to sixteen pounds on their chest. This can cause severe strain on the back, neck and shoulders leading to chronic pain.
  2. Poor Posture. Because women with large breast are carrying so much weight on their chest it can extremely distort their posture, causing them to slouch and roll the shoulders forward.
  3. Skin rash and irritation. Having an excess of skin and tissue can lead to a skin rash under the breast and chafing from clothing and under wire bras. This can lead to mild irritation to severe chronic rashes.
  4. Low self-esteem. Many women with extremely large breasts may feel bouts of low self-esteem and self conciseness. Large breast can restrict physical activity. Many women find sports and exercise painful. Large breasted women also have a hard time finding clothing and bras that fit properly and have to settle for clothes that are unflattering and make them look pounds heavier. Women also feel as if their breasts are noticed before they are. People may not look them in the face when speaking to them. These factors can cause a large breasted woman to become withdrawn and depressed.

There are some risks and complications with breast reduction surgery as with any surgery such as, reaction to anesthesia or infection. Breast may not be perfectly symmetrical after the reduction surgery. There can also be permanent loss of nipple sensation or ability to lactate.

The benefits of breast reduction surgery are quite dramatic. Most women are quite satisfied with the results of the surgery. Physically women find that there chronic pain is reduced or completely elevated. Women also feel more confident after surgery because they can find clothes that fit and can engage in sports and intense exercise.


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