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When Is the Right Time to Look Into Financial Services Recruitment For You?

  • By Emily Inglis
  • Published 02/27/2012

Just like anyone in any job, if you work in the financial services then from time to time you probably wonder about moving on and finding a new company. If that’s the case then maybe its time to contact a financial services recruitment agency and see what’s available in terms of other jobs.

But why look for something new when you have a perfectly decent job? Let’s take a look at a few reasons that may lead you to seeking pastures new.

Maybe you are having problems at work? You don’t gel well with your co-workers and the age-gap is just too much to handle. It could even be that you think that your boss is stifling your career and not allowing you to blossom. Or maybe you are just not getting paid enough for your efforts? Whatever the reason, if you are having problems at work then it is probably time to move on or at least consider it.

Another reason for approaching a financial services recruitment agent is simply because of the location of your current offices. If you have to drive an hour to work everyday and an hour back, then that quickly adds up to fourteen hours a week travelling. If you have young kids or an extra-curriculum passion then those hours could definitely be better spent, and would be if you worked closer to home. Then there is the environmental impact as well, that is a lot of fuel and if you are in area with poor public transport links and limited car-pooling options then you may well find that plays on your mind.

Or it could even be that you just don’t really like the way that your company operate. Maybe there isn’t enough socialising with colleagues outside of work or the atmosphere at work doesn’t suit you? Maybe you want to work for a company that offers better healthcare? Or maybe you don’t feel looked after by your firm? There can be many reasons, but if you have fundamental problems with the way your employers operate that can also play on your conscious.

Probably the most important thing to remember if you have issues with your current work situation is that there are always other options out there.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is a fan of financial services recruitment



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