When to Wear Your Hair Up or Down in Fashion


Authored by Kate Beswick in Hair Care 
Published on 08-09-2009

Your look is uniquely you and there’s no better way to express that than through your fashion and hairstyle. While these two often go hand in hand, many women wonder when they should wear their hair down and when it’s appropriate to wear it up. The truth is, that there are no hard and fast rules for wearing your hair up or down. Instead, you simply need to consider what will look best with the shape of your face, what outfit you’re wearing, and the type of hair that you have.

Firstly, you need to consider what type of hair you have. If you’re wearing a very formal outfit and want to wear your hair up, you may not think this is possible if you have short hair. However, people with short hair can wear their hair ‘up’ by simply bringing the front back with some pretty barrettes or by slipping in a bejeweled hair band. This of course, will work best with formal gowns and cocktail dresses, but might not be so suitable for jeans and a t-shirt!

By the same token, you can also wear your hair down with a formal gown or dress if you choose. To achieve this look however, you must make sure that the finished product looks sleek and shiny. Those who have very thick hair might have trouble acquiring this look. However, getting your hair thinned out or even layers can help make the texture of the hair look much lighter and much sleeker. If you have very thick hair and don’t take these steps, the only look you will end up with is a big ball of hair that really has no shape.

Of course, how you wear your hair will depend on your wardrobe to some extent. This isn’t to say that up-dos are only appropriate with evening cocktail dresses. It also does not mean that you should only wear your long hair down and straight. Curls, waves, crimping, braiding and ponytails are all perfectly acceptable ways to wear your hair. And these can also be wonderful ways to express your own personality. You just want to make sure that you match the formality of your hairstyle to the formality of your outfit.

Wearing overalls in the garden with a fabulous french twist in your hair simply wouldn’t work. And wearing a plain ponytail to a wedding is also considered taboo. Common sense is most likely to tell you which hairstyles will be appropriate with certain outfits and which ones simply won’t work. The main thing in making any hairstyle work is making it work with your hair. There’s no need to think that just because you have super thick hair or super fine hair that you are limited to certain hairstyles. There are countless products on the market that can fix whatever hair problem you have. These will let you express your personality and pair any hairstyle with just about any outfit that you have hanging in your closet!


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