When Your Weight Loss Is Unexplained


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues
Published on 12-02-2008

When your weight loss is unexplained, it can be a scary situation. Unexplained weight loss is often tied to health related problems. This can be due to any number of various ailments. Some common problems that cause unexplained weight loss are cancer, liver problems, and even diabetes. If you have weight loss that is unexplained, then you certainly should consult a doctor right away. Extreme unexplained weight loss is rarely a innocent fluctuation. It is a serious situation that only a doctor is qualified to interpret.

What is Considered Extreme Unexplained Weight Loss?

There are different opinions on this matter, but the most common answer to this question is more than ten pounds in a week. It certainly is possible to lose this amount of weight while dieting. Unexplained weight loss, however, is when you have not had any changes to diet or lifestyle and still have lost the weight. Over a period of one month in which you have made no changes, you should not be fluctuating that severely in weight.

People lose weight all the time and it is not considered to be a big deal. Common causes of normal weight loss include exercising more, eating less, or even a change in how you eat or drink. Poor diet is also a common culprit in weight loss. Some more dangerous reasons that a person could lose weight would be Anorexia, Bullemia, drug addiction, alcoholism, and poor lifestyle choices.

If you notice unexplained weight loss in a loved one that is drastic, you should ask them to see a doctor. If they refuse, then you may want to consider the fact that they have a eating disorder. These eating disorders are much more common than once believed. Eating disorders are extremely common and they can absolutely destroy someone’s health. It is for this reason that you should take any unexplained weight loss among a loved one seriously, and get them some help.

Unexplained weight loss in an infant is also a very serious problem, and is often an extension of the fact that the infant is struggling. This common malady is something that your doctor will know how to deal with. If you notice unexplained weight loss in your infant, then consult the pediatrician right away.

Always take the signals that your body is giving you seriously. Unexplained weight loss is certainly one of the more serious signals, and should be dealt with right away. The body often reacts in this way so that it can compensate in some way for some other area of the body that is lacking. Unexplained weight loss is a signal from your body. Be sure to answer that signal.


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