Where is Noah’s Ark Located?

When it comes to the question about where is Noah’s Ark located, the answer is still unknown. Many a person has claimed to have seen it, but there has never been proof. The location of Noah’s Ark has been speculated about for centuries.

The vast majority of the Christian groups that have set out to find Noah’s Ark claim to have seen it in the easternmost region of Turkey, on Mount Ararat. Some of the earliest references of Noah’s Ark sightings (some dating to 3 B.C.) have been of a large boat resting on Mount Ararat. However, these claims are largely discredited due to the fact that Mount Ararat is in fact a dormant volcano whose last activity has been said to be around 3 B.C., which would have annihilated a wooden structure such as Noah’s Ark.

Some literal Christians still claim that this is in fact the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. It is said that the remains of the ark are still partially intact, and can be viewed from the air or by trekking up Mount Ararat itself on a warm summer day. Noah’s Ark is encased in ice and snow for the rest of the year.

The most discrediting evidence for this hypothesis on the whereabouts of Noah’s Ark is the fact that all witnesses seem to have a different position on where the Ark is actually located on the mountain. There is yet a person to produce a credible photo, and one supposed witness recanted their claim.

Also, the number of research groups going up to find Noah’s Ark has significantly decreased. If it was up there, that would not be the case, and the Church would most definitely be formally and vehemently involved in the search, which it is not.

There has been one more major claim as to the location of Noah’s Ark in Mount Suleiman, in Iran. Researchers here claim to have found a rock formation containing all aspects of the fabled Ark, and have tried to prove the rock is indeed petrified wood. The rock has the appearance of wood, but research and testing have shown that any wooden particles in the rock date back to only 500 years. Bible scholars date the creation of Noah’s Ark back to 6000-10000 years. It is also doubtful a wooden structure such as Noah’s Ark would have held together so perfectly in light of the conditions in the area.

Experts also point out the fact that not even with all the water on the planet, including glaciers and underground deposits, would it be enough to fill the earth to bring a vessel up to 13000 feet.

So, where is Noah’s Ark located? The answer is still unknown. Many Christian, Muslim and other Noah’s Ark believers are searching, and the location is debated. Was the biblical wording guiding us to Mount Ararat? Or was it indeed pointing more towards Iran and its Mount Suleiman? Truth is, no one knows. While many claims have been made, until there is factual evidence and involvement of the Church, all claims of Noah’s Ark shall fall on the wayside.


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