Where is the Best Place to Get NFL Tickets?


Authored by Andrew Kennett in American Football
Published on 09-02-2009

Fall is coming fast and with it comes the return of the NFL.  There is nothing better than watching a game of football unfold before your eyes except, of course, watching your team win that game.  Unfortunately buying tickets can be hard sometimes, especially for popular teams and match ups.  The following methods are some of the best bets for finding tickets to the games you want.

Call the stadium.  Better yet, go to the ticket office and speak to someone in person.  This is your best bet for getting a ticket at face value, but if the game is sold out, you will be out of luck.  And you will likely not get the best seats as those have been sold long ago.

Check online.  The internet is full of sites where you can buy nearly anything you desire.  StubHub is a clearing house for tickets, and you will usually have good luck finding tickets here.  The city page on Craigslist for the closest city to your preferred venue can often be a good source of tickets.  Watch out for scams, though, and be sure to meet the seller face-to-face so you can verify that the tickets are authentic before turning over any money.  For maximum safety, complete this transaction in a public place.  Finally, auction site eBay often has tickets available.  Check the seller’s rating and feedback for added peace of mind before bidding on tickets.

Contests.  If you live near the venue and are not particular about which games you see, contests may be the way to go.  Local radio stations, bars, and other sports-themed businesses are good sources for these contests.  This is not a sure-thing way to get tickets, but the possibilities are definitely there.

Scalpers.  In many jurisdictions it is illegal to sell tickets for more than their face-value, but this often gets a pass from authorities as long as the transactions follow certain unwritten rules, depending on the location.  You may pay more than you would otherwise, but this is a good source for must-have tickets.  To get the best deals, try to find an area with multiple scalpers in a small area.  Competition can drive prices down.  Another tip is to wait until just after the scheduled kick-off.  You may miss the first series, but scalpers will drastically lower prices in order to make some of their money back.

However you end up getting your tickets, enjoying the game and the experience of watching it with your fellow football fans.


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