Where to Find Free Movie Trailers

Today, most websites featuring movie trailers are free and show brief commercials before playing videos. The best trailer websites offer full screen and HD videos. Below are eight of the most popular movie trailer websites.


This site has pages of movie information. The trailers page announces new updates and trailers that are available. Comingsoon.net often receives copies of movie clips and video clips shown at conventions and movie premieres, so be on the lookout for new information and videos! Videos on this website are viewed in popups, so viewers might need to adjust their popup options (usually located under tools options on your internet menu).


Once the trailers page loads, a series of new trailers begin to play. There are HD-quality trailers available along with premiere footage, cast and crew interviews, and tv clips. At the bottom of each page is a directory that lists the number of reviews, trailers, movie pages, videos, photos, and fan pages are available to see on hollywood.com.


This site offers not only movie trailers, but trailers for television, games, books, and music as well. Video pages list the rating and a brief description of the video as well as a list of related videos. There are also options to share a video on facebook.com, fark.com, stumbleupon.com, reddit.com, or digg.com.


Apple’s trailer homepage offers several ways to find the trailer viewers are looking for. One spot lists the top movies in theatres now, while another lists those opening next week. The movie studio page has a huge list of over 200 recent movie trailers organized by production company. Apple also offers different video quality options, from iPod quality to the highest quality of HD video available.


This website is packed with information about movies, actors, and crew. There are sections for upcoming movies, top movies throughout history, and random movie trivia. The video pages list related videos, alternate titles, actors and crew, as well as related photo galleries.


The ever-popular youtube.com now has a page dedicated just for movie trailers. Organized by release date, popularity, or by studio, nearly all the trailers on this page are available to view in HD. And just like the rest of youtube, members are allowed to comment on videos.


Showtimes, movie news, and reviews are easy to locate on this site. Trailers are available to view in HD quality, and viewers can rate trailers and embed their favorites on their own websites. Interviews and where are they now videos keep viewers updated on their favorite actors.


Traileraddict offers two main categories on their website: the film database, which lists a huge collection of movie pages alphabetically, and snack worthy, a page that lists the top 150 films of the week. Before playing the trailer, a brief description pops onto the preview screen. Movies can be rated and reviewed by viewers, and those that register to the website can track movies.


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