Where to Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs in Austin

If you are a freelance graphic designer, chances are you face the following challenges:

  • Finding your own clients
  • Creating your own graphic design
  • Managing your office tasks

Aside from these, you are also challenged by the fact that you will have to keep up with the graphic design information, technology, and resources alone. Well, worry no more because there is a great solution to this: networking. Networking and client-finding resources are now available for graphic design freelancers in the Austin area.

Freelance Austin excels by making referrals for clients to the freelance graphic designer, providing the business owners a directory of graphic design freelancers. It also conducts a range of freelancer meetings and events, and graphic design networking events. Freelance Austin is exclusive for freelance graphic designers, and this helps freelance graphic designers get in touch with prospective clients and other professionals in the industry.

Publishers Resource Group, on the other hand, is not a graphic design networking organization or professional association. It is a curriculum-designing company based in Austin that employs freelance graphic designers for their publishing needs. This organization hires freelancers for type design, cover graphic design, and other types of freelance graphic designers.

Creative Freelancers Online is a website containing graphic design portfolios and resumes of thoroughly screened freelance graphic designers. Through this website, clients can search for and contact freelance graphic designers from the list of the carefully selected graphic design freelancers. Hence, it is an excellent way for freelance graphic designers to catch prospective clients. Since there are a few lists of graphic design freelancers in the Austin area, it is highly recommended that freelance graphic designers waste no time and get themselves listed on the website; this is the perfect opportunity to be contacted by prospective clients.

Oasys Network is another online resource for the freelance graphic designer. Similar to Creative Freelancers, it is a website where freelance graphic designers can post their talents and portfolios. Oasys Network serves as a bridge between the clients and graphic design freelancers. It gives freelance graphic designers the exposure they need in order to attract potential clients. The website is open to all freelance graphic designers, unlike Creative Freelancers where freelance graphic designers are carefully selected before being listed on the website. Because the site is more accessible, more freelance graphic designers from the Austin area can make use of it.

Because of the availability of various inexpensive resources, freelance graphic designers can now overcome the challenge of finding their own clients and keeping up with information and technology. Everything you need is online. You just need to search on the Internet, look for Austin graphic design freelance resources, and make the most out of them. For more information about Austin area graphic design professional associations, you can also consult your local Chamber of Commerce.


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